“Is there still hope for this country?”

A young man asked this question because he was pushed out of frustration. The society is capsizing, deteriorating and losing her worth gradually, which is not a good sign.     

      Youths are now following the trend which is implicative to their future. Lack of employment is turning youths of today to nuisance and now, they find pleasure in doing things against the norms of the society. 

Even the teens want to go into ritualism because they feel that is the only way to become rich. Patience with Hard work is erased from the dictionary of the youths; it is no longer needed because they believe there is no tomorrow. They now have a different mentality about ways to get money. All they want is to enjoy now and face whatever consequences would happen tomorrow because they think there is no hope for them becoming great in this country.

   They don’t even care about whatever happens to them which is the reason for preferring to die untimely. Many youths have lost hope in the future. Society isn’t encouraging the youths to keep on hoping for the best. They are depressed to the extent that many are walking-dead. All they are expecting is the day they would breathe their last breath because depression is eating them up!

     Poor juveniles are now involved in various kinds of immoralities, pervasions deviating from the laws guiding the society. Kidnapping is now the order of the day since they believe those are one of the ways they can get money to cater for themselves not minding the consequences. The society is now producing all sorts of criminals’ every day.

      Fortunately, there are still youths who believe in tomorrow. They keep their heads up high towards working on having a beautiful tomorrow. Their investment for the future has no bound because they know it is fast approaching.  

They still have faith in this country and they are ready to emerge as great leaders of impact who will transform this world. They are youths with a difference. They would never think of wasting their lives not minding the present situation of the country.

They believe strongly in this country but they are little in number. They need more youths who are ready to change this nation, giants who would take this nation to the next level. Yes! This country still has a future. The country has a bright tomorrow. We all can make this happen because this country still has people like us. We can bring a positive change to this country and take her to the next level!

This article was written bAdu Adebimpe Ereola; connect with her on Instagram via here 

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