Most youths think that failure means the end and whenever failure comes they give up on their pursuit in life. People who fail today are not considered failures but those who fail to give a trial are failures. One of the important aspects in the human nature that can defeat failure is the mind. I often tell people that the mind is the key that opens the padlock of life. Most of us are moving with the wrong keys and that is why the padlock of life has not being open to us.

Giving up is a choice, in life, you not knowing something is allowed but giving up on knowing it, is disallowed. Always strive to achieve the best in life no matter how tough life seems. You can never achieve the best, operating with a negative mindset and remember, in order for the simplicity of life to be enjoyed the toughness of life must be conquered. Most youths don’t want to break through the rock, yet, they want to drink water.

You are equipped with a purpose in life. I want you to know that discovering your existence means winning over your resistance. Your purpose in life is achieved on consistent determination and endurance. Don’t forget that no matter how tough the test of life might be, never submit the answer sheet empty. Situations always arise but situations in life are like stained shirts, the more you wash them the more you clean them.

We always think that life is unfair to us, when we don’t get our goals. But I want you to remember, that no matter how though your life might be, there is someone who is experiencing tougher things than you do. Many of us don’t want to work, yet we want to attain a breaking record success. You must be prepared to cut yourself from your limiting factors and lose sight of the land, if you want to reach the sky. There is something deposited in you that can make you unique.

Never lose sight of your vision about life because every vision that lacks a mission creates a confusion that leads to frustration which most at times we can’t bear. To avoid limitations build on your vision, be prepared for the mission and your victory is certain. I want you to know that the secret of getting ahead is understood when the secret of staying on track has been mastered.

In conclusion, always believe that there is a better you, no matter how though, the situation is, always activate your maximum concentration, because the best way to withstand the waves of life is by activating your maximum concentration.  And I will always make us to understand that the amount of pressure you apply to life brings out the treasure you need in life.


This article was written by Danjuma Joseph; connect with him on IG here


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