Like other parts of the world, our country Nigeria has seen generations after generations of youths graduate to adulthood. At some time during the metamorphosis of each generation, the subjects are emblazoned with prospects and a revolutionary mace. We simply say, ‘they have a bright future.’ This way, the task of heralding the hope of the country has been passed from generation to generation of youths. It is perhaps this ageless tradition that birthed the homily, ‘youths are the leaders of tomorrow.’

Truly, the youths of this day would inherit the leadership roles and positions of the coming years but would they have prepped well when these eventful years come? Henceforth, whenever the above stated homily would be quoted, it should be made whole. I believe the unabbreviated and uncondensed version should be, ‘youths are leaders of tomorrow, napping or unaware youths of today become bad leaders tomorrow.’ This way, today’s youths would have a full view of their role in the state of affairs, as they are consistently reminded that the youthful age is a litmus test that determines the flavor of the future.

As individuals, our dreams and request from life are unbounded and inexhaustible. We share a common guilt of self-indulgence; the differential factor is the degree of our individual guilt. As youths, a lot can be achieved with the time and resources given to us by providence. This scheme of life is similar to that of the mirror; which projects images exactly as it stands before it. So also, our future would appear just as we have dressed it.Though the events and happenings of the present days fall short of our expectations, we have be power to make corrections. The transformative energy of youths should not be undermined. The youths are not regarded as agents of change, good change, for nothing. The famous philosopher, Aristotle opined that, ‘good habits formed at youth make all the difference.’ Through self-awareness and collective focus, the desired transformation can begin to take shape in the world around us, we can begin to actualize and enjoy the many objects of our imagination. It only demands our preparedness and consciousness to be awoken.

Considering the speed of operation of our generation, it is necessary to highlight two very potent tools; information and economic management. Our awareness of these transformation elements can help set our toes ahead of the line. Successful men and leading nations have harnessed thee tools adroitly. It is agreeable that the internet, economic dynamism has helped in building successful careers and thriving nations. Therefore, our media platforms, our eye for opportunities and acumen would be useful contributors to our growth and development.

In conclusion, the charge for a new horizon begins today and ‘eureka’ ideas that would change the face of our generation should occupy our minds as future leaders. Else, we are likely to repeat familiar mistakes and even make new ones which could cause avoidable hardship. In our respective fields and engagements we should consistently channel our energy and passion towards positive contribution. The contribution I make, plus your contribution and those of like minds would become the ocean of bliss that would surround us. In the end, our actions as youths today would go a long way in determining the quality of our lives in the future.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets


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