I had fallen in love with Maryanne during my second year in college. Tall, beautiful and busty. Just my exact spec. Every move was turned down but that just added to the thrill as I became fiercer chasing this fine lady. Eventually, the miracle happened at the FYB dinner when the emcee started the Devil’s Basket game with me stating some wild stuffs to do with anyone. Yea, you guessed right. Maryanne of course. It’s one of the heavenly days of my life.  We did nothing (lol) 

It so pays to be youth!

See, ‘be classy and add a little bit of hood and God in it’. Ever since I came across this line, I have not been able to find a better definition of Youth. From music, trends, mutual relationship to the latest gadgets and ‘shaku-shaku’ stepping, one finds traces of freshness and energy that depicts youth lifestyle. 

People often mistakenly believe that what makes a person desirable and seductive is physical beauty, elegance, or overt sexuality. On no account is that true. People are drawn to those who expect a lot out of life. It’s attitude! It is all about attitude.

 That right there is the youth whose wild independence although comes with a challenge. You can believe all the sentimental nonsense you want to about youthful desire, but in the end, much of it has to do with vanity and greed. 

However, life is short, so go all out for the excitement and adventure. For this reason of exciting activities that we do, some wrongly think being young and inexperienced is the same as dumbness and lack of knowledge. Now, that would be the scam of the century you know.

Fearless. Demanding. Charismatic. 

 These traits that each possesses makes him/her larger than life, has extra presence. As the ‘woke’ guys and gals that you are, time is the greatest weapon you have. Patiently keep in mind a long-term goal and neither person nor even army can resist you. 

 As for me too, I want to be forever young. 

By the way, I’m still very much with Maryanne. 

Don’t be naive, be aware. Ji masun!

This article was written by Folu Adedinni; connect with him on IG here  

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