Kolade Mayowa, also known as Hookedbylade, studied architecture at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. Mayowa always loved the idea of being in total control of her time (an entrepreneurial instinct). That pushed her to dig into the internet to discover opportunities in terms of freelancing. Furthermore, her love of crocheting drove her further to combine both worlds: crocheting and freelancing, to become an entrepreneur.

Mayowa was always interested in crocheting, but as with most childhood passions, she dropped it for a while until she got posted to serve (during NYSC) in the beautiful village of UKPELEIDE, Rivers State. Here, she had the time to wake up the little child who loved crochet as a form of therapy. While there, she took her rekindled love for crochet a step further by teaching the kids around her who were interested in learning:)

At what point did Mayowa decide she wanted to pursue a career as a crochet bag architect? I realized this when I made my first bag:) I didn’t sell it, but this hunger and obsession started where I wanted to do better. I had no control over the obsession and still don’t, so I had to make a career out of it.” She learned the fundamentals of crocheting from various online resources. When it came to finishing and delivering the bags, she learned from several errors and mistakes. 

It is normal to have fears when beginning a new venture, but what matters most is how you face them. While starting her business, Mayowa had one particular worry: acceptance.

“The fear I had was of acceptance: will people be interested in crochet bags as much? I faced them by reminding myself that it’s not about the craft alone but the passion behind it. This way, I accelerated my drive and put more time into crafting beautiful pieces.”

For Mayowa, the most challenging thing about her business is fixing a price for the hand-made bags. “Imposter syndrome kicks in every time.” She also admits that sometimes the process of hand-making the bags gets overwhelming, but here’s how she deals with the feeling: “by making sure I remember my source from time to time: God. Connecting to him makes everything more manageable, and my anxiety vanishes. I also do not work alone. I work closely with my partner (Bolade), and being the calm and calculative person that he is, he reassures me that everything will be okay from time to time.”

Mayowa is not your regular business owner; she’s also a content creator who creates content solely for her business. She sells her hand-crafted bags via a website, but the marketing is done primarily on social media via the fun and engaging video content she creates. So we wanted to know how she’s been able to marry content creation and her crochet handbag business so well.

“I believe my brief history with the “digital ecosystem”, for lack of a better word, really helped a lot, and by that, I mean the expertise gained as a successful freelancer on platforms like Fiverr offering graphic design, animations, and other services.”

For the sake of other business owners who would love to personally create content for their brand, we asked her to share some tips that have helped her consistently create valuable content. She answered, “giving value, inspiring others, and putting in the time and effort.”

It’s interesting to note that Mayowa draws her inspiration from her family. “My parents (Elder and Lady Evangelist Kolade), My big sister (Damilola), My brother (Victor), My loving and supportive Heart Pilot (Bolade) and, of course, my friends:).” When she puts down the crochet pin to relax, her go-to thing is playing video games (COD mobile).

In terms of what the future holds for her business, she says, “A lot more is coming from Hookedbylade in the coming weeks. Please look forward to a huge announcement ☺️.”

Finally, for entrepreneurs who are just starting, Kayode Mayowa shared some advice. “It all takes time, and don’t feel guilty for taking your time to start. And once you commit, don’t hold back. Instead, put in all the energy and time you can find, and you’ll be glad you did. Maybe not instantly, but you’ll surely reap where you sow.”


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