Stephney Bass, a graduate of Tansian university with a BSc in Biochemistry, is the CEO of Bass Digital Media, a digital marketing agency. She is a Digital Marketing strategist with seven years of experience in the entertainment scene. Before discovering her talent for digital marketing, right out of secondary school, Stepney began working as a commercial model at the age of fifteen. She featured in adverts for ONTV, a music video for “Deaf” by Eva Alordiah, and beauty looks for makeup artist Bella Divas. She progressed from there to set up a modelling agency called Garnet & Topaz, but as just a teenager, she was unable to manage the agency.

Stephney eventually decided to switch lanes into the music scene. In the music scene, her journey started as a Social Media Marketer/PR for NaijaReview, who managed Niniola. Fast forward to 2019; she was opportune to work for the world’s leading music company, Universal Music Group (Nigeria). Currently, she manages Talent Marketing for Triller Africa.

Stephney Bass speaks on why she made the switch to the music scene, and how she got into digital marketing as a biochemistry graduate.

I’ve always had a passion for music and entertainment, but I never envisioned a profession in it; until I had the opportunity to be a video vixen for ‘Eva Alordiah’. During that time, I made a good friend who introduced me to music marketing. I taught myself marketing, and while working and learning, my interest grew stronger. The rest is history...”

Stephney got her first big break in Digital Marketing, working for Universal Music Nigeria, which is an arm of Universal Music Group, a world leader in music-based entertainment. So how did this happen? She lets us into that experience.

I started as a social media intern on a referral, and after six months, I was promoted to Digital Marketing Coordinator. I spent three years at Universal Music Nigeria. During that time, I worked on several projects such as Taylor Swift’s folklore, Tiwa Savage’s Celia, Tekno’s Old Romance, Coming 2 America, Major Lazer’s Soundsystem, JCole in Lagos. Managing stakeholders and handling projects at UMG shaped me into who I have become today.

Becoming the first female Nigerian to land a job at Triller, Stephney pulled off an amazing feat, and we wanted to know how she did it and what her goals for joining the company are.

This has been a great experience for me moving from one big company to another, and I intend to keep helping the company grow.

Working in a male-dominated industry, Stepney has resolved every day to stand out and work twice as hard as any man. She refers to herself as an “Unorthodox Digital Marketing Guru”, the word unorthodox caught our attention as we’re sure it caught yours. And we were interested to know the genesis of the word and what it means in terms of her work.

“‘Unorthodox’ came from a friend who referred to me like that because I believe he meant I am different from what is generally accepted; this comes from the fact that I have multiple personalities, which allow my creativity to broaden out of the ordinary and usually has an effect on my approach to digital solutions.”

Digital Bass Media operates in Lagos, Nairobi, and Johanessburg. How was Stephney able to expand her company in such a short period, and how does she manage all three locations?

I have been privileged to connect with many consultants across these regions in my time working in the media, and for this reason, Bass Digital can expand to provide solutions across these regions.”

Stephney takes us through the steps she takes when handling digital marketing for a music release…

  • The first step is to connect to the music, listen to it and interpret the message
  • Then channel your ideation to interpret the message to fans by figuring out what the creative assets would be to promote the music. I.e., Music videos, short content etc.
  • Distribute the music across all digital platforms making sure that each platform supports in-app
  • Circulate a narrative around the release to the media: PR is key to create awareness
  • Circulate music across mainstream, Radio, Tv, DJs, etc.
  • Engage your audience with the music with the use of popular social apps i.e., Triller and Content Creators
  • A typical music release minimum lifespan is about 12 weeks for promotion

Stephney Bass has worked with a few notable brands, and we just had to ask what her secret is to landing major partnerships.

Passion, Connectivity and Impact. Once you have an idea of the brand, you see yourself as the brand and envision how you can make an impact, then you strategize and execute; securing a partnership means working in tune with that partner.

Outside of being a digital marketing guru, Stephney has, an outlet in which she uses writing to express herself. “Yes, I write but not as often as I used to. For me, writing comes with my emotions, and I pour them out in texts. I have written poems, short stories, articles and have been featured on Tush Magazine in the past. Lately, I have been building Bass Digital brand, and that hasn’t allowed me to write as often as I’d love to. But hey, watch out for my next write up.”

As someone who used to be in the spotlight and in front of the camera, we wanted to know how Sthephney feels now being on the other side of things, she responds. “Definitely less attraction, which is better for my brand.

Stephney Bass enjoys the nightlife, the beach and videos games as a way to destress. Her advice for potential SHE-EO’s is, “Keep believing in yourself, always be open-minded and willing to learn, nobody knows best, it’s okay to fail but learn from your mistakes your only competition is YOU.

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