Popularly known as ST, Seyi Tinubu is a cool headed gentleman with a topnotch sense of humour that draws people effortlessly to himself. He spoke with our correspondent Ifesinachi Nwadike on his journey so far, both as a businessman and as a family man.

“My name is Oluwaseyi Tinubu, I was born and bred in Lagos State. I am the CEO and one of the co-founders of Loatsad Media; I’m a husband, a father and a friend to few. 

I had my secondary education in Nigeria before moving to England at the age of 9 at which point I went to a boarding school in the UK till I was 18 before moving to the States to obtain a degree in Business Admin. and Political Science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I moved back to the UK for my LLB at Buckingham University and returned to Nigeria to attend Law School and was called to Bar in 2013. Then I moved back to the UK again to get my Masters in Law (LLM) before coming back to Nigeria to work.” He informed us.

Asked if he was overprotected as a child, especially during the days of his father’s reign, Seyi Tinubu noted that his parents weren’t too strong handed in overprotecting him and his siblings but were at the same time not pampered because of their father’s status. He recalled how his parents made sure they did their dishes. According to him, their parents did this to make sure they did not lose sight of who they truly were and where they were coming from.

Taking questions on how his father’s life and successes influenced his decision to be financially independent and successful, Seyi Tinubu agreed that his father’s lifestyle was a model for him, noting that his father led an exemplary life that encouraged him to aspire to be great too. According to him, the biggest investment or inheritance any father should leave for his children is a good name, which he believes would smoothen the children’s path when they begin to undertake their own journey, adding that such was his case even as he took the good home training he had with him to wherever he went, a background that has seen to his own success.

He affirmed that his early business ventures gave him the moral boost to do what he is doing today. He recalled how he used to make hand bands as a teenager and sold them to raise money for himself, saying that – it was a way of encouraging oneself to be self sufficient. He noted that Loatsad was the very first business he started but those little ventures as a young lad were fundamental in teaching him to believe in himself. 

On the major milestones Loatsad has achieved in its few years of operation, Seyi Tinubu comments that “our major milestone was even starting the business in the first place. I believe that once you are able to start any business, you have achieved a major milestone already because beginning is always hard as it comes with its doses of discouragement from people who do not believe in you. My partner and I believed in ourselves, that’s why, against all odds we were able to get here. We have also achieved other milestones and by God’s grace the company would keep building on previous milestones for subsequent victories.” He vowed. 

On whom his partner is and why he or she is not too pronounced, Seyi acknowledges Denrele Olusoga as his founding and present partner who loves to keep a low-key profile. 

Seyi Tinubu notes that asides billboard promotions, Loatsad also operates in the digital space. According to him: “we all know that the world has gone digital and what we have just done is to key into that milieu and provide services to our teeming clients who also operate on that space and by so doing, we remain relevant in the business. One important aspect of this business is that technology is changing the face of everything and one must endeavour to keep pace with technological trends and we are doing that. So we are operating both in the indoor and outdoor space.” He noted. 

On how the environment is affecting and/or enhancing his business, Seyi admonishes that “minus unforeseen events, a good business man must make sure to undertake feasibility studies before starting a business or company in order to know if the environment is suitable for that particular venture. For our line of business for instance, the controlling parastatal here in Lagos is LASAA and for us to move forward, we make sure to maintain good working relationship with them and play by stipulated rules. LASAA has even made sure that there is a level playing ground for all practitioners in this line of business making it easy to do business and provide services for clients.”

Commenting on the challenges facing his line of business, he points to the fact that a lot of practitioners do not understand the necessity of marketing. To him, marketing is everything and once you don’t get it right, it becomes a challenge. On the other hand, he notes that some of the modern technological trends in the world appear to be faster than in developmental terms for Nigerian environment, making it hard to introduce certain measures to ease business operations. 

On his business and life’s philosophies and principles that have helped him shape up his perspective towards people and colleagues, Seyi recounts thus: “one is that I create time for family and never take a bad day from work to my home. Two is to never feel like anybody is too little to guide and advise me. Three is to never allow people’s praises and hailing make you feel invincible. And the last is that I take every day as a new day and square up with the new challenges it brings.

For his future plans, ST informs that the company would keep moving in time, having recently acquired E Motion for ease of business and for continuous innovation and improvement, noting that Loatsad has moved to ten more states beyond Lagos and would keep expanding and diversifying with time.

On a note of finality, he agreed that just like his father inspired him and gave him the platform to start up, that he wouldn’t hesitate to give the same hand to any of his children to do anything they want, especially if the child indicates interest in his line of business. 

He advised those aiming to join his line of business to be more innovative as it is easy to mount a billboard but difficult to mount a catchy billboard. He equally admonishes that no one should see the other as a threat or competition in the advertising business but as colleagues and friends aiming for the same goal.

Culled from Issue 26

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