It is just as normal for any reigning musical artiste to give his or herself titles and nicknames that seek to glorify them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But there is something terribly wrong with appropriating a bogus one, an unbefitting one.

When MI, many years ago, referred to himself as African Rapper Number One, a lot of us had reasons to agree with him, if not for anything, at least for the obvious and effective innovativeness he brought into the game. Beyond MI, many more artistes have appropriated titles to themselves but there is just one that I have bones to pick with, and that is Yemi Alade’s.

I love Yemi Alade. I’m a fan. I love her songs, especially Johnny and Nagode. But you see, there is a thin line between being a fan and being a sheepish follower. I for one, thinks and in fact, argues that “Queen of Africa” is a grave misfiring from this good singer. No doubt, Yemi has done well for herself and has always given her fans a good run for their money, but that does not make her the Queen of Africa, Mama Africa. Mbanu!

Titles or nicknames are meant to signify or reflect what the bearer has become or achieved, not what the bearer will become or achieve. To this end, therefore, I strongly feel it is still morning for Yemi Alade. She honestly has not done so much to claim such a brow raising title. “Queen of Africa” or “Mama Africa”, like our darling calls herself is still too futuristic. She is yet to earn it. She is yet to merit it. Yes, Yemi Alade is not Mama Africa. I beg to disagree.


This article was written by Ifesinachi Johnpaul Nwadike; connect with him on IG here

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