It is often said that recognition knows no date. It has always been, it is and will likely still be important in the years to come. The importance of helping and rendering selfless gestures in a world where everybody is interested in getting every cent into their pocket is one worthy of emulation. Givers never lack is a tagline that has stayed popular over the years but when looking at the ratio of givers, we then wonder why words are easier said than done.

Giving comes with a unique feeling; feeling that can’t be described but utmost satisfaction and individuals who engage in such activities should be applauded.

It is surprising that someone like Xolane Ndhlovu has never made the headlines with his philanthropic gestures. Popularly known as Master Ziggy, Xolane is helping humanity with his kind acts of giving. His company, UMEH Group recently announced setting aside #10 million for a campaign aimed at helping African kids afford schools; his first beneficiary was Success Adegor who was chased from school over inability to pay her school fees. Kids in Africa like Success are the primary target of this initiative by Xolane.

Being an ardent lover of children, in the past year, Xolane also saw to the positive transformation of three young girls who were seen eating from the refuse bin by adopting them and seeing to their daily welfare. He’s constantly involved in projects impacting on their needs.

One amazing feature of Xolane is his manner of reaching out to the needy – usually done via social media which enables his leading hands go far and wide.

Xolane Ndhlovu is indeed a true leader with passion in helping the less privileged and he is leaving his name in the sand of time through his wonderful works.

And just when you think that’s all to his helping characteristics, he takes it higher by launching the Ziggy’s Foundation which will be a direct representation of his kind heart.

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  • The funny thing is that there are lots of individuals out there still out of reach of philanthropic gestures. There are also millions of individuals who are wealthy enough even more than our Xolane man here. But what are they doing to help the poor, especially the souls on our streets? We see them everyday and almost no one cares to know how they survive.
    When you cross the road via pedestrian bridges, you’ll see some sleeping on those crooked stairs, and yet no one, not even the government cares. And we continue to wonder why it is possible that some sell their votes?
    Furthermore, there are young minds that are growing now, especially in this country – Nigeria, who are now seeing the agonies of the streets. I have a friend, a young girl who initiated the starting of a nonprofit group. This group contributes 200 naira every week aimed at sponsoring secondary school students and other less, underprivileged children anywhere in Nigeria. The group is Club200 Abuad.
    Personally, I also see needs around me and my heart beats to help. Not having funds enough for myself, I have decided to help with the little I have. More so, I resolved to writing poems and articles aimed at spurring up philanthropic minds. One of my latest poems is titled THE STREET CALLS OUT 1&2.
    Keep up the good work dear friend and God bless.

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