Often times I hear the phrase “When I blow eh…”. I realised that ‘blow’ to most young people these days, is to hope for a magical moment that immediately elevates them to the zenith of their career with little or no preparation for the moment. It is true some people have experienced such encounter which made them become successful but the question remains – how many of them were able to sustain it?

A lot of people want to ‘blow’ with no plan or strategy for sustainability. Some people who have ‘blown’ get distracted when they are at their peak, that they tend to lose focus and ignore the essential things needed to be done to remain relevant and maintain the height that has been attained. 

It is high time young people dropped the delusion of ‘blowing’ and focus on ‘growing’. Success is never magical; it is a gradual process combined with smart and hard work. The ‘growth’ mindset should be adopted because

  • Growth gives you room to make mistakes and learn from them at an early stage of your career.
  • It prepares you for the peak.
  • The art of mastering your craft perfectly comes from growth.
  • The chances to be carried away when you are at the peak of your career are limited.
  • Based on your experiences, growth makes you draft effective plans and strategies to remain relevant.

The likes of Ali Baba, Genevieve Nnaji, 2 Baba, Rita Dominic, Pete Edochie, Funke Akindele-Bello, Basket Mouth, Linda Ikeji etc are examples of people in the entertainment industry who started from the scratch, reached the peak of their careers, and most importantly are still relevant till today. This is because they approached their career with a ‘growth’ mindset and are constantly strategising to remain relevant. 

So I ask again, – Would you rather ‘Blow’ than ‘Grow’?

This article was written by Jennifer Ikeokwu; connect with her on IG here 

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