The workplace affords colleagues to work long hours a day, on projects and similar goals to productivity. Therefore it is fool hardy to think that finding love in the work environment is impossible. The major triggers of time and proximity is a huge facilitator in creating romantic bonds between colleagues.

Some work environments already have measures put in place to handle the inevitable. Even though HR will not encourage work romance in the workplace but will leave the love birds struck by cupid to live out their love outside the office to avoid poor productivity and inconvenience to the rest of the team.

Now here is how to get your work romance under the radar and outside the pealing eyes of HR.

  • What are your intentions?

You need to understand the true intentions of your partners (colleagues who you’ve found love in). If this person’s intentions are pure towards you and who is not with you just for sex, then run with the affection.

  • Try Not to fall for your boss

Avoid being romantically linked with someone who you report to. It can become overwhelming and unbearable especially if you have to be scolded by this person on a project you fell short in. If you can, avoid relationships with colleagues you work closely with.

  • No Drama No Problem

Never get emotionally attached to a boss who is married or has kids. That’s just too much drama you don’t want to add to your plate of office work load. It’s going to rub off the wrong way on your colleagues and could be disastrous to your career.

  • No PDA!

Keep the sanctity of the workplace sane. No public display of affection allowed. Respect the boundaries of the workplace and keep it simple.

  • Keep personal squabbles and quarrels private.

Keep your relationship outside the office environment. Don’t wash your dirty laundry in the office space. Your colleagues don’t want to hear you and bae bicker about who left the toilet seat up.

Dating a co-worker is not like your usually boyfriend or girlfriend relationship. This is someone who you work with and will be working with for as long as you both work in the same organization. It can become awkward if you both split and still have to work together. So be sure you are in it for the right reasons.

I have a friend who was in a work romance with a former colleague. They both worked for the same organization but in different departments. The guy left the organization to another organization and the following year they both announced a marriage to the utter surprise of the company staff.

They were able to find love in the workplace and also have their cake and eat it. Why can’t you too?


This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi; she tweets via @OmahSpeaks

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