Deidra was born and raised in Philadelphia and as a child she knew that she wanted to help the disadvantaged because she felt like no one else cared about them. Her goal was to become either a social worker or a comedian but life had other plans in stock for her.

Her life took a couple of turns before she was able to get on track. As a single parent she knew providing for her family was important. She has 6 kids and since they were teens she wanted a job that allowed her to spend as much time as possible with them, she then started working from home doing project works for Bronner Brothers, DR. Miracle & Att and also doing sales for a number of newspapers.

Working these jobs from home made her realize how much she liked her freedom from the office and how much she didn’t want to have another manager over her, so it became imperative for her to start her own company. 

In 2009, Deidra started her first company named HR Office Solutions Inc and it became a successful business. She got contracted by the Social Security Administration to help disabled individuals get back on their feet by finding employment and giving work counseling. Being a virtual operated business, she had clients from different parts of the US.

One of Deidra’s passions is helping people and working with the Social Security Administration gave her the ability to learn more in the field; she became a non-attorney representative and started assisting those who got denied for SSA and were denied a chance to appeal.

Aside wanting to help socially, as an entrepreneur, Deidra felt it was her duty to help anyone who wanted to start a business. Most times people would come to her; she would walk them through the steps to have a successful business and at no cost

Soon after starting her first business, she moved to Delaware where she discovered another good prospect for a company and she started a legal process serving business that became very successful servicing clients from US and beyond.

Deidra has helped many entrepreneurs who needed help with their business and she continues to do that up to this day. Currently, she is working on launching another business which will be a e-marketplace. The name will be e-Merchonline, which will be a meeting point for buyers and sellers.

Deidra’s hustle is mainly attributed to her mother who was also a successful entrepreneur and also catered for her children despite the fact that her father was working as well. That instilled in Deidra the importance of the role of a parent and what she needed to provide her own children.

If you take anything from this story about it should be that anybody can own their company but it takes hard work and determination along with reliance on God 

Deidra was able to start her own business that means you can too.

You can connect with Deira on Instagram via her handle here

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