Dream chasing is a sport for the ambitious and perseverant – People who do not mind starting from humble beginnings, people willing to cross over tough hurdles to reach a prized finish line. Sometimes dream chasing is not about humble beginnings, sometimes it is about moving from one spot, which could be a top spot, to a preconceived new altitude. Even the highly placed ones chase dreams.

TV show host, Victoria Eze popularly know as Miz Vick has been in this sport of dream chasing since she was a child. As a child she nursed tall and wild dreams. She said, “I have always been someone who wanted to do a lot of things.” She initially wanted to be a doctor because she felt it would allow her help people. This led her to study Medical Physiology in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where she graduated from in 2011.

Helping and impacting lives is not restricted to the profession of medicine as she would later realise. She came to the understanding that life has its guides and to each one a different guide. She was led to the field of modelling which she started during her days in UNILAG. She explained that she got a lot of compliments for her looks and free advices about how she is suited for modelling. Her adventurous side caused her to dip her foot in and soon she was swimming in the pool. The experience, as she recalled, was fun and exposing.

She spoke about the start of the switch in career lane from medical physiology to modelling and then the media. She said that her experience during her service year helped her find a place outside of her discipline. She shared how she flirted with new ideas during the free time she had, thanks to the strike action at her place of primary assignment.

Her pursuit led her to the 9-5 world where she worked as a sales and marketing representative of multinationals like MTN and Lux. She explained that she built a network of contacts in her product sales and marketing engagements that became useful when she decided to step her foot in the media field. She said, “I was trying to get my foot in the media industry and Silverbird Television gave me my first media experience. I had built a network that I leveraged on during my transition into the media industry.”

In Silverbird, she worked in the productions department and she was just around the screens but never on it. She continued this routine until the Hip TV job came in 2015. She was commissioned as a Red Carpet Host which brought her out to the glare. She said, “I just woke up and found myself in front of the camera.” For her it was new experience. Not just that she is new to being on the screens but also because the job was different from her previous experience on the 9-5 routine. As a Red Carpet Host her services were needed per event.

Victoria settled into the job and it helped her in her new assignment as the host of a fresh TV program tagged Street hop, which made her a regular on the screens. The show brings out mainstream artists to the streets to share their experiences. It has grown to become a fave TV program for a lot of entertainment enthusiasts and Miz Vick’s profile as the host has soared. She has received plaudits for the efficacious atmosphere that the show enjoys. She explained that the energy on the show is deliberate, saying that she protects ‘vibe’ of the show. She described the show as her baby which she nurtures.p

Miz Vick spoke with pride when she spoke about the “Streethop” show and her love for the media. It was clear to see that she finds bliss and fulfilment in what she does. She admitted that although she was ambitious as a child, her ideas and plans never really included the media, but she is glad how it is playing out. She said, “No alignment between my previous dreams and what I do now. Dreams are constantly evolving. In life you keep dreaming.”

Miz Vick explained that it has helped her learn to let life happen. “I won’t sit down and say I have a grand script I would follow in life. You can have plans but what if life happens? I’m just believing for the day,” she said. “I am more focused on becoming a better person,” she added. She been compared with the likes of Ciara and Keri Hilson and while she finds the comparisons flattering, her style is to be original. She said she just wants to be the homely Miz Vick who still keeps her private space after getting her on-the-screen job done.

Miz Vick believes her journey has been a good one, with a few bumps but many strides. She sees the journey continuing at a pace defined by fate. She believes that the events of life happen because they were meant to happen and that there’s no restriction time. No wonder her favourite quote is, “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.” She is no rush to reach her finish line and she is prepared to embrace the bends and corners along the way; whether it leads her to the side of her man or to owning an oil well.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets 

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