The Messi/Ronaldo rivalry makes soccer more interesting to follow, the Biggie/Pac and East Coast/West Coast beef created some of the most competitive and interesting moments ever to be seen in the rap game. In the same view, I welcome the rivalry between Wizkid and Davido. It is a blessing  to the Nigerian music industry.

Soccer fans across the world are still divided on who the greatest is, between Messi and Ronaldo. Since 2007 when the duo both entered the final shortlist for World Player of The Year, Messi has claimed the award on five occasions, Ronaldo already has four to his name and he is only waiting for the next ceremony to claim the fifth. The award for this year is no longer a contest.

You see, they are equally matched.

Biggie and Pac of bless memory are on virtually every list of greatest ever rappers. The only thing that varies is their position on the different lists. They have both had massive impact on the rap culture. Pac died in ’96, Biggie left the world in ’97 and over two decades later, the Hip-hop community is yet to draw a conclusion on who the greatest amongst the two is.

So the Wizkid/Davido argument is not new. It is expected. It happens in virtually every facet of life. It’s called competition. For every Glo, there is an MTN, for every IPhone, there is a Samsung. So for Wizkid, Davido is his competition and his match. It is no argument that Davido and Wizkid are the two biggest artistes in Nigeria and perhaps Africa, at least for now. These two amazing artistes push each other to new levels, just like Ronaldo wants to score a hat-trick after Messi’s brace.

Look at it this way, Wizkid started the year with Daddy Yo and he quickly became the cynosure of all eyes, the song has about 9 million YouTube views. Then Davido stole the spot light with the release of IF, a song that got about 21 million YouTube views. Wizkid was back again with Come Closer, and he hit 22 million views. Now everyone is looking in the direction of Davido’s FALL, with its fast growing number of views. This is pretty much how things would be for a long time; Wizkid sets a mark, Davido meets it and pushes it further. Wizkid takes it to another level and Davido reaches for the new level. Then it goes on and on.

The interesting thing about this healthy competition is that it helps both artiste to strive to be better. In all of these, the fans would be getting non-stop action and entertainment. As for the argument on who is better amongst the two, in a decade from now, it would still be up for discussion.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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