Imagine finding out that there is a movie adaptation about a book that you fell irrevocably in love with just after reading a few chapters. You get all excited, watch the movie and sadly cringe while watching every scene because of how poorly adapted it was. You end up most likely hating the movie about a book that you love. Want to know why this book turned movie was such a disaster?  Here are a few reasons why.

  1. The Cast: There is this stereotype that if the cast is famous or good looking then it’s going to be a good movie, which for the most part is arguable. So directors tend to look for eye candy actors rather than actors that will actually bring the characters to life and this just ruins the entire imaginative process. I know it may not be entirely possible to copy and paste a character from a book but they’re certain features that the cast should possess in order to create a link to the book. Take half of a yellow sun for example, the book was such a hit but the movie did not depict the brilliance displayed in the book at all. The casting was mostly flawed; beginning with the lead female characters namely Olanna and Kianene were played popular black American actresses which for one failed to bring out the authentic Nigerian aura that these characters possessed. Also, the fact that Genevieve Nnaji was given the role of Mrs Adebayo (another character in the book) instead of Kianene still does not sit well with me. I could point out the other flaws found in the casting but they’re still more reasons why a movie adaption tends to flop.
  1. The Plot: This is a major problem that film adaptations have. The director(s) try to get too creative, they add one too many new scenes, use only the plots from the book that they believe to have the most climax and tend to forget the little moments that made the book truly special. Let’s take the sun as a star for example. If you read the book and then watched the movie I can strongly say that you would have a trust issue because the changes made to the plot of the movie turned a book that did not have a cliché ending into a movie that had the most cliché ending on the planet and that I must say was heartbreaking.

Although they’re more issues to point out like the wardrobe or the setting, the plot and the cast tend to have some of the biggest influences on movie adaptations. In the end, you could just watch the movie about a book you have never read to prevent being scared.

This article was written bWhitney Johnson; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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