Whether a new track is greeted with rave reviews or completely ignored, has little to do with the craftsmanship of the music creator these days.

The metrics of music acceptance is measured a little differently today than it used to be.

The 21st century music artiste and their ever present gang of self-endorsed ‘music promoters’ have over the years devised a way to garner great reviews and fan acceptance, even for bad music.

This ingenious promo format is a guaranteed method to get a captive audience to actively endorse any newly-released music by creating user-generated videos of themselves vibing to the song.

The catch to this excited audience participation in helping to amplify new music is that it is often profit-based. So to drive this wave of doctored excitement over your freshly released music, you must be willing to dole out some good money to your ‘fanbase.’

Failing to do so will considerably run down your ratings and reviews, yes, even if your song is a work of art.

It is impossible to track down the originator of this method of promoting the release of new music, but it has over time become the major way of promoting music online in Nigeria.

An artiste, regardless of their level in the music hierarchy creates new music and drops it in the hands of a ‘promoter,’ who is probably a close friend or entitled relative.

A quick strategy session is done ( what’s the point?) and they decide to go with a giveaway challenge (surprise, surprise), where they decide to giveaway cash to their ‘fans’ in exchange for either shaking their behinds or singing an altered version of the song, while videoing themselves doing it. 

It quickly becomes a scramble that involves hashtags and hilarious videos of hopefuls trying to outdo themselves in a bid to win the promised cash.

In all of the noise, very little concern is shown for the musicality of the new track.

The general consensus is that as long as the track is playing in the background, it invariably translates as promotion.

Another downside to this one-sided music promotion method is that no one does any form of tracking to see how well the music was accepted by the audience.

For the music artiste and promoters, an Instagram like, even if it was acquired by the promise of money is as good a metric to measure acceptance as anything else.

This has resulted in a lazy approach to promoting music online, because everyone wants to go the giveaway route. No one is willing to think of better, more audience-driven strategies to amplifying their music.

If you ask why a giveaway is always the major way to promote every song release, the typical promoter’s ready answer would probably be, ‘If it’s not broken why fix it.’

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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