” Oh! Sorry, I have to go.” Some of us are familiar with this line. You will just stay there and be startled. You wonder what you had said wrong, what line you missed after the long days and deep research and insights just because you plan to woo and sweep her off her feet. She never wanted to leave; it was because your dental colouration scared her. The same thing applies to those business tycoons at the brink of signing multi-million deals and at the last moment, tables turned against you and it was snatched away from you because that man at the top of proceedings have had enough of you. The so-called ‘white’ blades in your oral cavity are no longer white like you claimed.

The human teeth are hard and acts in antagonism with any substance that will tarnish it. As humans, we are all guilty when it comes to the way we treat our teeth. The good news is, there are natural supplements out there that are capable of rejuvenating the colour of our teeth. In other vein, there are electric toothbrushes and white-light forms of technology that can equally do the same trick. Yes, you can afford it. It is easier and faster in achieving white teeth within a short period. Natural supplements are without health consequences and will rather provide long-term boon.

Some of these natural products are;

  • Baking soda – The use of baking soda dates back to centuries ago in ancient Egypt when the Pharaohs called their bakers to make use of the leftover of their baking soda in cleaning their dentition so as to look presentable when talking to their rival monarchs. The use of baking soda mixed with salt can help in whitening teeth.


  • Coconut oil pulling – Wash your hands properly. Put a considerable amount of coconut oil on the hands and take into the mouth, use the fingers to ensure entry into teeth and rub vigorously.


  • Apple – Regular consumption of apple can help to whiten teeth and also in the form of apple Cider vinegar.


  • Lemon juice – Cut lemon and extract the juice by measuring a teaspoon and mixing with equal volume of water. Take a toothbrush and brush the teeth thoroughly before going to bed.


  • Strawberry – The juice of strawberry has been evident in past researches to help whiten the teeth.

The procedures are quite stressful and one might lose the discipline to continue after a week but is it not better to save yourself from embarrassment when you smile and your listener is forced to leave? Only time will tell if you took the path to restoring your teeth to their natural colours and making people smile when you smile with those bright teeth.


This article was written by Alexander Ndace.

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