When most people hear the colour white, what comes to mind is Weddings, Christenings, Tennis and of course Labour Day! White is one colour that is truly overlooked by most (except for brides), but white is a colour that is blissful and aesthetically pleasing. The great thing about white is that unlike black and other colour clothing that absorbs heat, white reflects it. This means wearing white clothing head-to-toe is major in keeping cool!

An LBD should be a staple in every woman’s closet, and I agree, but have you ever worn an LWD (a Little White Dress)? White dresses look exceptionally classy and pristine, this is also because not everyone can pull off a white dress if you know what I mean… White outfits for summer are ideal, especially if you’re going on vacation to places with hot temperatures like Dubai, Beirut, Texas etc.

From party dresses to casual styles, board room fits, and show stoppers, these white looks below can act as a mood board for whatever the occasion is.

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