Churchill Sosa de Gusto, popularly known as Rymzo is a Nigerian born Reggae/Dancehall artist who took the music scene by storm with his hit single “Rock N Roll” in 2008. He was preeminent in the popularization of his genre, creating a unique Caribbean blend with African percussions that gave his sound a different kind of flavor that butted a lot of mediocres out of the scene with his coming. He was to release an album in 2015, controversially titled Take Mediocres Off The Stage. He was said to be arrogant by his peers, that may not be the case but nevertheless, he reserves the right to be. His lyrics are done in impeccable English, eliciting remarkable poeticism that can only be compared to the genius of Jesse Jagz Abaga. 


Did I just say Genius? Yes, genius. Rymzo was and still is a genius. He knew from the outset that he is a different kind of musician and set out to distinguish himself from the crowd, a move that earned him the arrogant tag. Such has also been said of Jesse Jagz, but we all know that there is something in extraordinarily creative artists that make them chat separate causes from a gathering they think to be too populated with mediocres, reason why M.I, in one of his rap singles (Everything I Have Seen) opines that “genius is alone cos nobody understands him.” This aptly captures the true disposition of Rymzo. I have this strong feeling that he is a misunderstood man and his genius and talent hasn’t been fully recognized and given its proper right of place in the comity of Contemporary Nigerian Musical Legends. 

On 10th December this year, a Rymzo fan made a post about missing Rymzo and his music and tagged me to the post, praying me to go search for Rymzo and fish him out. Well, I did go into the search and discovered he has been in Vancouver, Canada since he last released the Killertunes produced track in 2016 featuring a Timaya protégé, Jez Blenda. He hasn’t really done much since then and we hope to hear from him soon. We exchanged emails wherein I brought the floodgate of pleas from his fans to drop more songs to his attention. His reply indicated he was moved by those cries and he promised to hearken to them in 2020. 

So, we are on the lookout for his masterly craftsmanship next year.

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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