Being Female in Africa: Where is the time???
Eid-ul-Fitr to all our Muslim friends.

Thank the heavens that it’s a long weekend! We get to start the turn up (does anyone still say “turn up” or am I horribly behind the times? This is what happens when you’re a nerd!) on Friday and push through till Monday to celebrate the end of Ramadan. But where does all the time go? Really, where does it go? My day typically starts like this:


6:15  Wake up flawless and flawlessly snooze my alarm. (Flawless of course)
-7:00 Actually wake up and realise that dreams are deceiving. Flawless takes work! 
7:00  Get ready. The braids have to be on fleek. The face has to be attacked because if I don’t, I can start the day looking like a fresh faced elf and end it looking like a spotty orc.
7:30 Dash out of my house like it’s a burning building. Yes, it takes me 30 minutes to get ready. Get your act together women. Work is not some red carpet event. You can do everything you need to do in thirty minutes.
7:45 TRAFFIC!!!
8:00  Get to my cubicle. It’s a pretty fantastic cubicle. You could probably fit an elephant in there but I won’t be satisfied until I get a penthouse space with a killer view #goals. Between then and 1:30, I read emails, get coffee for me, attend a safety briefing,talk to a friend, pretend like I’m working and watch devious maids.
1:30 Lunch. I can’t tell you what I have for lunch. I really can’t. Let’s just say that everyday is my cheat day.
-2:00 I basically repeat my morning. I think it’s a win-win.
5:00 Leave cubicle
5:05 TRAFFIC!!! Traffic is like death. I can’t even think. I just sit there and wonder what it is I’m doing with my life.
6:00 Home. I read some She Leads Africa Emails, panic a little bit because I’m a serial panicker. Then I read the emails again because I forgot what the emails were saying mid panic.
Emails read, I whip out a large glass and fill it with Chateuneuf du pape and I write away until I’m distracted by instagram which is actually horribly depressing because I never fail to see a fit fam post that makes me remember the lunch I had and weep.
Tobi Ade-Odiachi,
She Leads Africa.

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