This sub is for creatives.

Creatives in Nigeria to be precise.

Isolated at home with little or no contact with the outside world except through the internet and our exemplary horde of top-rated creatives have simply shut down.

Trust me, I waited long enough to see whether anyone was forthcoming with any home-based, unique ideas but that didn’t seem likely.

First it was the #TogetherAtHome session organized by Global Citizen and WHO, kick-started by Coldplay’s frontline man Chris Martin — a virtual no-contact concert that was aimed at promoting social distancing and taking action for global health.

Laudable right?

Then we had the amazing DJ DNice crank up the party with a Quarantine club inspired virtual party that saw a record 100,000+ attendees, to include celebrities around the world.

Brilliant concept.

Let’s not forget the Tyler Perry inspired He’s-got-the-whole-world song challenge that featured famous faces like Oprah Winfrey, Jessie J and Jennifer Hudson amongst other notable figures.


Creatives around the world are coming up with inspired ideas that are keeping the isolated masses entertained virtually.

So why are Nigerian creatives not forthcoming with stay-at-home engagements that are not the expected covid-based skits that are sometimes plain annoying?

What happened to a mini concert like the #TogetherAtHome idea? With our eclectic line-up of music artistes alone, we could pull off a virtual concert so colossal that it would trend the world over.

But there is a small problem with that.

Social collective engagements are not a thing that Nigerian creatives are really good at. In other words, Nigerian creatives, especially the music-based celebrities are not likely to do anything they are not being paid for.

Pandemic or not.

There is an unspoken pact among Nigerian superstar performers (and again I refer mainly to the music artistes) to only collect and not give.

They are simply wired that way.

There is little or no orientation about giving back. The celebrity preparation lessons didn’t get that far.

You may call it ‘The Diva 101’ lifestyle; they call it protecting their assets. And the fact that they have half-baked, hurriedly-selected ‘managers’ that have no basic understanding of branding and PR doesn’t help the situation.

So an organization willing to do something to inspire people in this crisis reaches out to a creative for support, the typical answer they get is, ‘how much are you paying me?’

We won’t name names. There’s no point.

Is it getting clearer to you why it’s seems like there are no collective inspired ideas coming from this side of Africa?

It’s not like there aren’t many, it’s just that the required support to drive them is few and far in-between.

Big ups to brands like DJ Obi for the new installments of virtual parties inspired by DJ DNice and let’s not forget the communal prayer initiative by a few faith-based organizations.

As little and seemingly unimportant as these ideas are, they are the vital creative expressions that give us a modicum of sanity in this prolonged isolation.

Let’s keep them coming.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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