“If I don’t make money by the time I’m 30, I have failed my future. In fact, what then is the purpose of my life?”

That there, is the mindset of the typical 21st century youth; make it fast, make it big, make it now. It’s the aim and objective of such a mindset to achieve the perceived goal of success within a fixed time frame. 30 years of age being the commonest target. Is the make it fast, big and now mindset wrong?

Fast. We have been told right from primary school that the race is not for the swift especially based on stories of tortoise. We were told to uphold cunningness, termed wisdom, as a better approach to life. What is often overlooked is that tortoise was always in those races against naturally fast animals like the hare. Why then would we take tortoise’s cunning ability but discard the speed of the hare?

Big. Big is better. Eat big, dress big, celebrate big, be it a graduation or a burial, but we cringe at our youths thinking big. How odd! The things we consider right to be done ‘big’ all stem from the ability of some individuals to think and act big. If the cook doesn’t think big enough, the delicacy would not qualify as big. If the student did not think and act big enough to scale through school, the graduation would not qualify as big. If the life being celebrated at a burial did not think big, such a life would not qualify to be celebrated big. Why then should the youths not think big?

Now. Don’t live for the now; the admonition of the sages. We are told to invest in the future, to channel our time, energy and resources to making the future better. It is called investing in the future. Laudable but still flawed. No man lives for the future because the future is uncertain. We do not live for uncertainties. The only certainty within our grasp is now. Merely equal to a microsecond. The moment after now, may not be ours to live. Why then should making it now seem a taboo?

Maybe generalizing 30 years of age as the target is the misconception. However, no one should condemn any youth for wanting to make it fast like the hare, make it big as we make our celebrations and certain meals and make it now, considering the only certainty we possess.

Next time you come across a youth with the mindset of the above opening sentence, wish him nothing else but the best.


This article was written by Eunice Oladeji; connect with her on IG here