Growing up, careers like Medicine, Law, Engineering and Accounting were emphasized as the worthy ones that could guarantee social relevance and economic freedom, however this couldn’t be farther from the truth today as many Nigerian youths are tapping into the opportunities technology gives them and are creating their own careers and not limiting themselves to just one when they could actively engage with their diverse interests and create multiple streams of income.

  The internet has been a game changer as it has provided opportunities that didn’t exist in the past. The internet has also built a lot of careers. Content creators, Branding Coaches, Social Media Influencers, YouTubers, Social Media Managers among others are careers that are thriving among many young people thanks to the internet.

  For many young people, the arts weren’t seen as viable areas to build a career in as it was assumed you would be a “starving artist”, however, with more and more options to monetize their craft, many young Nigerian creatives are offered the opportunity to build a career around their artistic interests and not just treat it as a favourite pastime.

  Given the chance to create careers in a country where unemployment is at an all time high, youths also get to make wealth, possibly more than they would in regular day to day jobs. Many youths watched parents work day jobs with meagre pay and swore they wouldn’t live those kind of lives, the internet has offered them chances to make that a reality.

  However, building careers and wealth on our own terms doesn’t come without its challenges. There is still stigma attached to young people who are financially stable by the society as it is often assumed that they engage in fraudulent acts to make the money they have.

  This brings to mind a visit I made to the bank when I started freelancing to receive my payment for a job. I had just gotten paid by the editor of the magazine I wrote for happened to be in the United States. However, the bank worker attending to me told me plainly that the money couldn’t be for me as she questioned me. She didn’t say it out loud but it was implied that I had gotten my money through dubious means. I received my payment in the end, but it is not an experience I love to remember.

  While it is true the internet has opened the doors for many to make wealth illegally, it has created many paths to make wealth legally and many youths are walking the path that gives fulfillment.

  The freedom to pursue other interests, create wealth and do life on their own terms and more are just few of the reasons why many young people follow the paths the internet has offered them and this is only just the beginning.

This article was written bAdebisi Amori; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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