The greenhouse effect was first noticed In the 19th century when natural changes occurred. Scientists argued that the emission of the greenhouse by humans could lead to a change in the climate causing global warming.

Climate change is the change in the average weather condition in an area over a long period. Climate change increases the temperature which can stimulate changes in the environment. The results include floods, intense rain, severe heat waves, and the melting of ice glaciers. In less than two years some parts of the world have suffered from wildfire and this threatens the existence of humanity. Many countries have issued environmental laws to help curb the effects of climate change and global warming. Campaigns have been launched by organizations and the government to raise awareness and enlighten the public of the effects of climate change and how they can be a part of the solution. 

Youths must participate in the movement against climate. Why?  This is because the youths are the future of the next generation. If they don’t participate they risk erasing the human race. But not all youths are influential and rich to sponsor programs that concern the environment. Hence, the big question—how can youths assist in stopping climate change? 

Though being rich and influential could be an advantage, still, they don’t qualify as the basic requirements in combating climate change. By participating in governmental and non-governmental programs, community and school programs, and groups and organizations that fight against climate change, youths can stop climate change. Activities such as the green initiative and tree planting, recycling initiatives, using social media to promote environmental awareness, reporting illegal activities, walking in a short distance to reduce the burning of fuel, educating the public, and encouraging friends and families to get involved can help reduce climate change. 

Youths should understand that saving the environment is a moral responsibility. Little efforts can cause a huge change and that’s the more reason everyone needs to work together. Climate change is a global issue that affects everyone, hence, how we choose to handle our environment depends on all of us. Therefore, let us take the necessary actions and be part of the solution.

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