Over the centuries, women have continued to prove the saying that “What a man can do, a woman can do better.” There are so many SheEos kicking-ass in the world of business. These women have chosen to see their gender not as a hurdle but as a force. They are bridging the gap and breaking down biases one brick at a time. Wherever there’s a problem, women are out there providing business solutions. 

During separate interview sessions with eight female bosses, they shared important business tips and advice that we’ve put together to help and inspire other women in business and potential female entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Tips and Advice

What’s the first thing anyone thinking of starting a business should look out for? Adaeze Aduaka, TV Presenter, Event Host, Model, and SHE-EO of Vavoom Express, answers this question through her experience: “As a student, I started a delivery company. I was in my third year at university when I started. I started it because I didn’t like stress and I loved getting things fast and at my convenience. It wasn’t always convenient to get things done, and I was always stressed out because restaurants and offices were far away from where I stayed on campus, and I had a lot of friends complain about the same issue. I wanted to solve a major problem that I and so many others had, and I’m so glad I did.

Some people think all you need to start a business or succeed at a business is a good idea, but that is rarely ever the case. Nafiu Damilola Modupe, the owner of Gemzen, a jewellery and personal shopping store, shared her experience with starting multiple businesses and the trick to the sustainability of her current business: “I was considering what I could do to earn extra money from the comfort of my own home. So far, I’ve tried a variety of things, including selling thrift shoes, thrift clothing, and personal shopping, but they’ve all been time-consuming and frustrating as hell. Then I took a break for almost two years before returning to selling jewellery. I used to sell jewellery but had to stop because I wasn’t generating as many sales as I expected. Perhaps it was because I began without a strategy at the time, but after conducting extensive studies, reading business strategy books, and rebalancing my mental state, I decided to go all-in this time”.

On navigating business growth and improvements, Gen-Z Startup entrepreneur and CEO of The Gallivanter Traventures and Alexandrite Apparel, Osumah Victoria, shared this: “I do these by always trying to communicate with people; I ask what they want and how I can do better. I listen to their suggestions, complaints, and things they are interested in. Then I take actions to make the company better.”

Customer service is vital to every business. How you treat a customer will determine if they will return. Mbonne Esenju, owner of Everly, a female-owned handmade handbag retail store, shared this advice on customer experience: “One thing you should take seriously is your customer experience. There may be a thousand people doing the same business as you, but what could set these businesses apart is your customer service. Invest time in giving your customers a great experience.”

On leveraging social media as a tool for marketing, SHE-EO of Taeley’s Palace and Events Ebosetaeley Ann Okoyo says, “Social media plays a very important role when it comes to my brand because everybody is on social media these days; whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, everybody is on social media.  Everyone is online looking for new things to try. So I realized that when I promote my business on social media, it goes a long way. A lot of people see it, and I think when people keep seeing the same thing over and over, they want to try it.

For female entrepreneurs, in male-dominated industries, a Professional shoemaker and the CEO of Dé Chayil, Omoye Abulimen, shared this advice: “There’s nothing to fear. What a man can do, I believe we can do better. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. I don’t see why I should be scared. If anything at all, people would celebrate you for being tenacious, daring, and consistent. So please do not give up; keep on the journey. It is not an easy one, but it is worth it.”

Stephney Bass, CEO of Bass Digital Media, tailored her advice to potential female CEOs. She says, “Keep believing in yourself, always be open-minded and willing to learn. Nobody knows best. It’s okay to fail but learn from your mistakes. Your only competition is YOU.”

Kolade Mayowa, crochet bag architect and owner of HookedByLade, dished out this piece of advice: “It all takes time, and don’t feel guilty for taking your time to start. And once you commit, don’t hold back. Instead, put in all the energy and time you can find, and you’ll be glad you did. Maybe not instantly, but you’ll surely reap where you sow.”

So, ladies, We hope this sets you on the right track and gives you the push and motivation to succeed. You can do IT!

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