The year is fast approaching its end and many potential entrepreneurs have not taken their first business step. If you find yourself procrastinating on when to venture into business that will be viable, the time has come for decision making as the business space is getting crowded with new entrants daily. After you have carried out thorough planning and budgeting, here are six business ideas that are quite viable in 2018:


Catering has shown viability from time immemorial, people eat every now and then. We have witnessed how online restaurants have thrived lately as food are being delivered to school children, people in offices, people at home and persons holding events.

Event Planning and Management

We are in the glam century and everyone wants to hold an event that will hit the town hard and get people talking. If you have a good planning and management skills, this is the time to plunge into event business.

Graphic Designing and Printing

Most people are now after class, standard and catchy designs. From invitations, books, calendars and other kinds of branding. It is a known fact that printing happens frequently for businesses and individuals and to prove that it is very lucrative and viable, the pioneer online printing company in the country is waxing stronger.

Fashion Designing

What are you wearing right now? A quite large number of responses will confirm their outfits were made by local designers. The Nigerian fashion industry has huge potentials.


People always want to capture memories and keep them for as long as possible, if you have penchant for photography and you are innovative and creative enough. Equip yourself with the needed skills in modern photography, personal selling skills and you will be good to go.

Educational Centre

Do you have what it takes to start a school or any centre where people can learn skills that will be of great benefit to them? If you do, the time to start is now.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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