INTRO: Unlike many young musicians his age who are being influenced by the music culture of the Western world, Johnson Oyindamola popularly called ‘Dammy Krane’ chose to remain with his first influence – Fuji music.

With a mother who manages and organises events for Fuji artistes such as the likes of Pasuma, Ayinde and Dele Taiwo; young Oyindamola had always followed her to these events which gave him his first exposure to music. Although his mum’s influence on him was quite strong, she traveled when he was 11 and he had to go stay with him grandmother who bore the task of taking care of him.

Scheduling an interview with Dammy Krane was not a difficult task as he is always open and appreciates the media quite well. In his tastefully furnished living room, dressed in a black top and blue jean, he talks about his music and his aspirations.

Question: How would you classify the type of music you make, knowing well that it is slightly different from the conventional Fuji we are accustomed to?

Dammy Krane: I sing Fuji but I called it ‘New Skool Fuji’. I actually started out as a rapper and I wasn’t quite comfortable, so I decided to stick with my first influence which has always been Fuji and in a way I try to blend in other genres like hip-hop, jazz, reggae and afro; knowing most of my listeners are of the younger generations. In each of my released songs, I tend to blend in to at least one other genre of music asides Fuji.

Question: At what stage did you transit from rapping to singing Fuji?

D.K: My career had not really started when I was rapping, so I would say I wasn’t at any stage before I decided to do Fuji. Rapping was a result of the bandwagon effect the Hip hop world had on me.

Question: You’re yet to release your debut album titled “Enterkraner”, what are your plans?

D.K: “Enterkraner” is an all-round of me. I did a listening party of recent which I was scored above average and I believe when it eventually hits the streets the responses would be amazing. It is really encouraging for me receiving positive feedbacks on my music, it shows i’m being appreciated. I only have few singles out from the album and i’m getting positive responses from people who are actually hearing them for the first time.

Question: Any surprises from the album?

D.K: Yes definitely, but don’t ask what they are because they are superb surprises which I would rather want to keep till the album drops.

Question: After dropping the album, what are your next plans?

D.K: I would continue recording. Although I have other brands of me I would want to push out; I have the DK wears that I am working on. I want to make it available for sale on the streets.

Question: What’s a typical day for you?

D.K: My schedule for each day varies depending on whether I have a performance to make within the city or outside the city. I try to make sure I record every day. From waking up to recording, I always involve God’s blessings upon all that I do.


Question: You have always stated you and 2Face are spiritually connected, what’s the spirituality connecting the both of you?

D.K: [laughs] 2Baba and I are spiritually connected and it is as simple as it – God. I met him at one of his event that I was opportuned to attend and with the favour of God, I got drawn towards him and that was the beginning of my journey to getting signed on Hypertek.

Question: After getting signed to Hypertek, you dropped out of school?

D.K: I didn’t drop out, I took a break. It would be a very tidious task combining both of them at the same time for me, so I allowed one pass so I can focus on the other very well but I would be going back to school soon. I should also say that it was included in the terms of my contract with Hypertek and 2Baba himself has stated that I must go back to school in due time.

Question: Why were you separated from your mom for so long?

D.K: I wasn’t separated from my mom, she moved to the US and we both have made efforts to see each other. I had been denied visa quite a lot till I got invited to perform at the NEA Awards in New york last year. It was quite an emotional reunion as we both have progressed so well in life without supporting each other and now we are both back, I expect greater things to happen between us.



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