Beautiful and light-skinned Cynthia Morgan can be rated as one of the most consistent and hardworking female artistes in Nigeria. After her introduction to the music scene through her prowess which she exhibited on Jyhbo’s “Ejo Lo Fe Ro” way back in 2010, Cynthia Morgan hasn’t relented in proving critics that she is no gimmick. Bent on proving her worth and taking her career to the next level, she signed a management deal with JTown Productions headed by Joy Tongo and in 2013, Northside Inc also deemed it fit to float her aboard its imprint; That move craved a path for Cynthia Morgan as she got shot into limelight, although she had been there for a while.

With singles like ‘Don’t Break My Heart’, ‘Lead Me On’ and ‘Taken’, which topped charts upon their releases respectively, Cynthia Morgan indeed is a voice to reckon with in this present day generation. Read below questions she answered from our correspondent.

T.M: Who is Cynthia Morgan and how she is different from every other artiste in the Nigerian music industry?

C.M: Cynthia Morgan is a multi-talented artist, who cannot be placed in a box. I am different from other artistes because I have created a genre of music for myself. I call it good music with distinction, fusing reggae/dancehall, rap and Afro pop.

T.M: How did it all begin for you; did you always want to go into music or you stumbled into it

C.M: I come from a musical background. My mom is a top gospel artist in Benin City, Edo State. She has a band called: Gorgeous band. I started singing from my mom’s womb and I was her backup singer, playing the talking drum and writer at the age of 13

T.M: You’ve had a massive 2014 so far, officially now in the mainstream. Of course, Jude Okoye has been behind that for the most part. How did you meet him?

C.M: I met Jude Okoye in Atlanta, USA January 2013 through my manager Joy Tongo

T.M: What is it like working with him?

C.M: It has been a great journey. I call him big Daddy. Coming from such great music mind, I am always on my music grind to do greater things. He inspires me a lot.

T.M: Your name is on the lips of most Nigerians and your last 3 singles are still getting massive airplay on radio and TV. How have you been coping?

C.M: I still got lots of more work to put in; to me I am just getting started. Thanks to God, my great team and of course my fans they make my work a lot much easier

T.M: Do you think there’s added pressure now for you to keep pushing out hits?

C.M: Everyday is a new day to me. I always want to be better than my previous work/hits, as such I keep working. I don’t call it pressure because I love what I do.

T.M: Some people say the industry is saturated, mostly because there are lots of people doing similar stuff. Do you think it’s hard to stand out in the industry?

C.M: This really does not apply to me. I am distinct in all I do. Vocally, lyrically, style. Basically brand in general. As such, I stand out a lot!

T.M: Who are you currently feeling in the industry and would like to work with?

C.M: I am feeling Davido and would like to work with him

T.M: So the rumours in the blogs about you and Dammy Krane. Are you really taken? Let’s hear from you Cynthia.

C.M: I AM TAKEN by the industry

T.M: Lay it on us. What project are you working on? Album/mixtape? What does the future hold?

C.M: Right now I am working on singles with videos. Album would be out next year. The future is here, now and all and it is very bright.

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