When most young people look at themselves in an image-reflecting object nowadays, what they see – better still, what they often choose to observe – in their reflections are the defacing features that characterize their bodies. They have been influenced by people and their environment to always be in haste to pick out the defects in their looks. And social media platforms, which have transformed the world into a global village, have contributed to the increase of this negative habit because the use of these platforms has made it difficult for young people, predominantly girls, to love their natural faces and be at peace with their bodily image. 

Though dissatisfying, we cannot deny the cause of the aforementioned can be traced to the culture of unhealthy comparison which has gained sinister popularity among youths and has become a common practice today. Many young people nowadays wish to pattern their lives and physical appearances after celebrities, models, and media influencers who saturate the online media space with edited pictures that portray them as gorgeous and adorable individuals leading perfect lives. But in reality, their ostensible physical comeliness is meant to deceive and they lead lives replete with flaws and deceptions. 

In consequence, we find young ladies going all out, not minding the accompanying demerits, to pursue unattainable beauty ideals; and guys giving their all to chase detrimental fashion standards in our dynamic society. And when they cannot achieve their intentions, their minds become permeable to infiltration by thoughts of dissatisfaction at their faces and figures. 

Sadly, the culture of comparison is not limited to looks alone. The present breeds of young individuals are likewise fond of using the achievements and accomplishments of others as their barometer of success. They are equally often always swift to pronounce themselves failures when their lives don’t measure up to the standards set for themselves. It is unassailable that unhealthy comparison is a reason many promising talents in the nation go to waste because youths insidiously kill their confidence in their abilities and potentials when they compare themselves with others. It is saddening that the present crop of youths does not want to be themselves and will sacrifice anything to be like someone else who they know little about.

However, as youths, we can by ourselves change the status quo by learning to look beyond our physical appearances in search of true beauty because beauty does not depend solely on our faces, complexions, and body shapes. We must not be deceived. Youths need to understand that a pretty face is just a trivial feature of real elegance. I believe the beauty of a man is the intricate values he holds dear and the virtues he possesses. And we must also learn to desist from comparing our successes, regardless of how huge or little, with that of others. The outcome of such a comparison is depressing and detrimental. Lastly, we must constantly remember that those who compare themselves with others are not wise.

This article was written by Akinlaja Felix; connect with him on IG here 

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