Some girls enjoy being deceived. Young girls are growing rapidly every year. They grow up with resplendent beauty, agility and intelligence. You are aging and depreciating. For over five years your status still says “in a relationship“. That is the peak of self deception? You are not in a relationship but in the wildest form delusion.

For five years, there is an engagement ring wrapped around that finger. Your status reads “Engaged”. Guys merely play in your inbox nothing serious coming your way. Dear sister, you are handcuffed not engaged.

A guy will chat you up and you will say “single but not searching“. You are deceiving yourself. No guy will take you serious on hearing this because it shows you are swimming in self denial. Every young/unmarried woman is searching.

A guy chats you up. Says he likes you. The next day you start telling him your financial problems. Are you kidding me? Then you start to ask for rent money, your phone was bad, you have not paid your school fees and stuff like that. Are you a liability company?

Sweet hearts, let’s start telling yourselves the truth. If you are above 27 and you are single your value depreciates every year. Give up all this attitude, every single woman is searching, and so are men.

A guy dumped you and you brand all men bad and the same. If a man dumps you, don’t make a case against all men. Men also get dumped by the women they sincerely loved, yet they move on. Do not say all men are bad except you have been with all of them.

I want to suggest that you look inward if more than one man has dumped you. You might be the reason why they dump you not the innocent old woman in your village.

You need to be happy that the man who dumped you married a woman not a man. Be happy also for making it to the last round. He dumped many before you. You tried making it to the finals.

Stop looking for a ready made man. Dating is not a lucrative job and marriage is for two people that determined to build a home together not a resort for lazy women. Marriage is not for the perfect, it is an institution for two imperfect beings to create a single perfect.

Keep your door open and the room of your heart clean. Stop following, liking, and getting inspired by the posts of most of the single mothers/women. Over 70% of them are not happy and will not encourage you to succeed where they failed. It is not because they hate you, but because that is human nature.

Make it a habit to be THANKFUL AND APPRECIATIVE EACH TIME A MAN SHOWS INTEREST IN YOU. It does not hurt. Even when you do not want them or the fact that they spoke to you, you can just simply say with a smile, “no, but thanks for noticing”. At least be gratefully proud that someone noticed you.

Most of the times people are victims of their day dreams. Determine to make a life out of your labour. Unless you want to discover Mongo Park, then you can keep looking for the man with the virtues of John the Baptist.

It will still be fair if you judge my postulations, because human nature and thoughts vary.


This article was written by Mase Kennedy;ย connect with him on IGย here


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