Since the advent of European football on English, Italian, German and French soils, a lot has transpired – the good and the ugly. Some football clubs thrived on neutral and meritorious background. The other bottom teams just wait and allow intensity of hooliganism to lift them on the media catalogs and pages. Sometimes, the pundits lacked the ethic to earn popularity in the books of fans.

Discrimination and favoritism seem to be the order of the day as fans and lovers of football choose to support the teams playing in the top-tier of European football – the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The teams in the bottom league will have to settle for fame locally and rely on their “meagre” players to get the results in elevating their status higher on the pyramid of world football.

Furthermore, the financial gains cannot be ignored and large revenues will be served on platters. This means the Champions league teams have an extra source asides the normal ones generated from domestic competitions – League, Cup ties and friendly matches, in their home country. This is regardless of teams winning the tournament. Every team in the group stage has monetary benefits. The small teams just sit at home and unbothered about the stress in travelling thousands of miles to and fro away games. They will be refreshed and might punish the champions league competing teams on match days.

The progression of a player from a small to bigger team is imminent as they may choose fresh challenges over a local scene. This is unacceptable in a way as the big clubs just strengthen their already trimmed-down squad. The small teams are hoodwinked with the cash splashed and they may feel they did good business but in the long run, it creates a hole which may be hard to fill in the squad.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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