Twitter is supposed to be a social networking application, or so I thought. However, the Twitter application in Nigeria now appears more like a courtroom where numerous criminal offences are tabled for the Nigerian Twitter users to judge daily. 

Day in, day out, I have come across various mind boggling and heart wrenching stories on the Twitter timeline. They are usually cases of rape, domestic violence, blackmail and the list goes on. These are serious criminal offences where the perpetrators should be locked up and not allowed to roam free. 

But lo! The accusers would rather table their cases right at our feet on the streets of Twitter rather than reach out to the appropriate authorities that handle such cases. 

Any active Twitter user in Nigeria would have witnessed no less than 20 of these cases yearly. Cases that ordinarily should be in the police station but for some reason, they find their way to Twitter. Once any of these cases arise, some immediately take up the roles of investigators, looking for the loopholes in every story presented. 

Others turn to lawyers, advocating for either the accuser or the accused almost as if they were at the scene. And the rest of us are by watchers, watching as the whole drama unfolds. 

Sometimes, we are presented with two sides of the story other times, we do not have such luxury and we have to make do with the only side of the story available which is usually that of the accuser. On very few occasions, we get as many as three sides or even more. 

Year after year, these stories come to the timeline, they trend for a while and are never heard of again. They fizzle out while another story appears and then takes all of the attention. We never get to know how the matter eventually gets resolved. Or do they ever get resolved? Why was I brought to Twitter in the first place? Are they seeking justice or ‘clout’?

This article was written by Isi Stephanie Ibharebor; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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