For this piece, our lovely Tush team took out time to put you on some of our current favorites for the month. These are the films (and Tv series) that we’re watching here at Tush Magazine.

Anslem – Blacklist

“I’ve been watching blacklist for about three months lol. I enjoy watching Blacklist because of the way someone from the underworld controls the law enforcement agency in carrying out their duty. Each episode pricks my brain and I find it quite interesting.” – Anslem, EIC

Kika – Savage Beauty

“It’s also not a film but I’ve recently been watching this South African limited series, Savage Beauty. It’s super entertaining, and follows the story of this wealthy South African family, the Bhengu’s and the secrets behind their successful beauty empire. It has all the right amounts of revenge, romance, suspense and drama. It’s definitely a worthy watch.” – Kika, Film Writer

Eniola – King Richard

“A recent movie I enjoyed watching is King Richard. What I really liked in it was how it depicted the commitment and dedication of the parents to guide their girls. This storyline showed the ups, the downs, and what love and can support can do in a family. The movie reminds me that anything is possible (literally anything) when you put in the work.” – Eniola, Social Media Manager

Ibukun– Gangubai Kathiawadi

“My favorite movie of the month is Gangubai Kathiawadi. I love it because it’s something different. It addresses human trafficking and prostitution but in a totally different light that makes you see the other side of human traffic in a country like India. The story follows a lady who got trafficked and sold to a whore house by her boyfriend. She then grew to become the head of the prostitution community and began fighting for education rights for their children and for other civil rights.” – Ibukun, Lifestyle Writer


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