The fall season is here, and while this means that the rainy season has returned to this part of the world, the fall colour hair trends have made their way into our hairstyles. There are so many vibrant hues available online that it might be tough to choose just one, so we decided to make the decision easier for you by streamlining and selecting the top three popular hair colours for this season.

But wait, there’s more. We also looked at hair colours that can transition from fall to the new year, so you don’t have to change your hair colour for the new year or research popular hair colours when you’re finally ready to mix up your style for the new year.

Are you tired of your same old, boring hair colours and want to try something new and exciting? Well, you have come to the right place! These colours have taken over the airwaves, whether as braids or weaves, and ladies can’t get enough of them. Even your favourite celebs have embraced these colour trends, and they look fantastic! We know you’re already curious about what these colours are, and don’t be surprised if they’re hues you see frequently but don’t know what they’re called.


Cranberry/Cherry Red

Brown et Blonde Highlights

They say blondes have more fun. Now add a bit of brown to the mix and that gets you the best of both worlds! Double the fun and double the attention!

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