Growing up, I was surrounded by different designer perfumes. My mom never lacked them. She would buy them or get them as gifts, so she always had an amazing scent! However, when I started using perfumes, I was never consistent or big on certain kinds of perfume. I would only use it whenever I remembered, which was not very often. Even when I got my first ever designer perfume, “Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj”, I left it unused for so long that it dried up on my holiday trip to the US. I guess, subconsciously, I didn’t think I always had to use perfume, especially because; I have excellent body hygiene.

More recently, however, I’ve begun to understand that using perfume is much more than just for body hygiene. It’s about creating an image with a scent that can be associated with it. In such a way, when you walk into a room, people already know it’s you before seeing your face.

I recently started using “Stronger With You Absolutely” by Emporio Armani. Over the weekend, I attended an event where I met someone new. It was a two-day event. On the second day of the event, as I walked in and was about to walk by this person I had met who had his back to me, he stretched out his hand to stop me. When I asked him how he knew I was the one, he said he could smell my scent. And then it hit me; the importance of having an amazing scent.

Just like everything else, there are levels to perfumes, and I’ve done the work of finding the top 10 crowd-pleasing perfumes for classy women. In no particular order they are:

Parfums de marly: Safanad

Parfums de marly: Delina Exclusif

Nishane: Hundred Silent Ways

NYC: Bond No. 9 Tribeca

Maison Francis Kurkdijian: Baccarat Rouge 540


Hermès: Twilly d’ Hermès

Narciso Rodriguez: Narciso Poudree

Jessica Simpson: Fancy

Tiffany & Co: Tiffany Intense

Armani: Si Fiori

Ladies, don’t say we never did anything for you!
Have you tried any of these perfumes? Or do you think there’s any perfume that should be on this list that isn’t? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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