Over the past couple of years, the complexity and advancement of the music taste in Nigerian audience have grown and encouraged diversity in the industry, and laid the course for a large enjoyable industry. The alternative music genre, though not astray from Afrobeats inclination has proven itself as a worthy genre and we keep seeing an influx of new wave artists exploring the genre and giving us some of the most enjoyable moments in music.

Tony Wenom places himself under this umbrella with the release of his new single titled ‘Your Friends’, produced by Wondamagik. He has been off the radar for the last four years and this reintroduction unveils a rebranded act and it is proven in the complete improvement evident in his vocals, lyricism, delivery and signature adlibs. If you have followed his artworks before now, listening to the work and effort put towards this growth is a whole gift to the audience.

Your Friends by Tony Wenom is an Afro alternative song and the musical composition exudes so much professionalism as it marries every word and syllable the artist utters kick by kick. The song focuses on a love interest and though it is riddled with different love affirmations and assurance, don’t get too swayed into missing the life lessons of being appreciative as a person, in order to encourage the person who offers the kindness or love to you. It also touches on the need to block out external noise and opinions on matters that concern you and a close one. It goes without saying that as our music taste grows as a group of audience, our thirst to get intellectual knowledge and life lessons in our musical content increases as well, and these are the few from Tony Wenom in ‘Your Friends.’

Overall, it’s needless to say it is a song for lovebirds who like to get in the moment and enjoy a reflective time about their relationship as the song pilots them through the journey and who knows, they might identify a relatable issue and work on it. That will be awesome, right?

The instrumental couldn’t have gone any better as it sinks you into a specific gleeful but chilled mood from the very first few kicks into the song. The intro picks the baton and drives you deeper into this sea of emotions with vocal infusions. The producer, Wondamagik deserves extra credit for being a good team player. 

On a general note, this song goes for every moment because it touches on different level of emotions and genre infusions judging from different aesthetical hunger, ranging from the vocals, delivery or instrumental. So you will be glad to have this addition to your playlist and oh, thank me later.

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