Today’s fashion especially among the youths of the society has had a lot of spice and touch-ups making fashion a “beautiful thing”. Indeed fashion has brought great benefits to the society at large, where it provides opportunities where people show their creative abilities, potentials and great designs in terms of clothing, styling, decoration, furniture and lots more. It is also known for its ability to provide job opportunities and employment amongst youths thereby bringing out the best in them and taking care of the idle minds.

Fashion having shown its good sides, the trend amongst youths has become more complicated where its benefits and identity may be misplaced. However, it is exciting to know that fashion has made it possible for people to express their personalities to the society in diverse ways. Over the years, fashion has grown from the regular to the exceptional, where a lot of designs, concepts, initiatives and trends has been introduced into the fashion world where various materials like laces, velvet, the African print (Ankara), chiffon, organza, cotton and lots more have been used to create diverse styles and designs.

Fashion indeed has found its way to preserve our cultural designs and history causing them to be recycled in the fashion world today. An example is the “ iro and buba” of the western part of Nigeria which is still in vogue today although there might be some little modification in the style like the “oleku” which is the shorter version of the previous style 

Today’s fashion has brought about the introduction of beats, sequins, stones on different fabric designs making those fabric more fascinating and well appreciated by the users. It has also brought about “cutting and pasting ”where different materials are cut out and placed on another to create something unique. Also, it has brought about different combinations of materials, designs where an Ankara fabric could be combined with a denim to give a perfect match and also the combination of lace with the African print (Ankara). This has also created an avenue for fashion shows, runways, fashion weeks, style reviews where the matters of trends and the right fashion are discussed.

More so, a good number of youths in the society are trying to fit into the fashion world today because nobody wants to be left out. However, it is important to know that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed and you are to wear what you are comfortable in, don’t allow the trend be your master. Fashion is a beautiful thing, yes, it is a beautiful thing.

This article was written by Oseke Faith Dominon; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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