Playlisting has been around as far back as the 1970s when C60 mixtape was still in vogue. Playlist has been the debate of many digital service providers and they position musicians and labels to enormous wealth since the attention span of humans keeps decreasing by the years. An average lover of music will rather listen to tracks uploaded on DSPs (Digital service providers), unlike the music geek who will listen to the whole album and go on twitter to ramble about the album. Music editors and curators are responsible for playlists but these days, random lovers of music have been tremendous in the craft.  

Be creative

One shouldn’t just use random titles like “100 best Afrobeats songs’. The chances that this title lurks on a blog somewhere are high. Why not go with “100 jumpy afrobeats to dance to on Friday”. This correlates with the “New Music Friday” playlist and chances are that the algorithms will flaunt yours as a suggestion to listeners. 

The name

Curators should not be afraid to make bold statements with their playlists. There are over a billion playlists on Spotify and almost all of them are grabbing the headlines. And to think that there are genres existing that even music lovers do not know about is another whole mood. 

The number of songs

Not to be sure, a playlist containing between 20-30 songs is by far measurable since most musicians like to keep their songs below 3 minutes these days (Heard about the saying “less time means more money”?). By doing this, listeners should complete the playlist in about an hour. 


A playlist needs to stand out and be differentiated from the crowd so it is important to make an artwork snazzy and meaningful. An artwork of high quality with 500 x 500px always does the magic. 

Always update!

It is advisable to update no more than once a week and certainly no less than once a month. The idea is to keep all playlist fresh and to encourage users to come back and listen more to that same playlist. Always give followers the reason to keep listening.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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