This week on our influencer spotlight section, we feature TikTok sensation, Charles Born. Charles Born is a graduate of Information Sciences and a trained broadcaster. He is currently an MC, an actor, and an influencer. 

In this interview, Charles Born speaks about his journey into brand influencing, and life as an influencer and shares tips and advice for aspiring content creators and influencers.

Charles is popularly known for his hilarious skits on social media. He became a Tiktok sensation in 2020 during the lockdown and has been a source of entertainment ever since. He speaks on how and why he started posting content.

Influencing honestly was never planned. I was locked up like everyone else during COVID and happened on Toke Makinwa’s TikTok videos and I thought they were hilarious and I was like, “Well this will keep me busy.” and that was it. I began creating on TIKTOK and posting on both TIKTOK and Instagram, and the next thing I knew, a betting company approached me during COVID to run an ad for them on my TIKTOK for 100,000 naira. I thought it was a joke. I was like, “Wait, what?” People make this much money from being goofy? And yes, the rest, they say, is history.

Influencers are constantly advised to pick a niche and stick to it as a way to establish themselves as an authority, so to speak, in the chosen area. However, some influencers dabble in multiple niches and can’t be placed in a specific category. One such influencer is Charles. Charles is a man of many talents and interests. He is not one to box himself into a single niche when there are so many things he would like to explore. When asked what kind of influencer he is, he says, “so I get asked this a lot. I honestly have never thought of it and the honest answer is I do not know. I enjoy many things, like comedy, movies, fashion, and beauty. So why box me? Plus, if I can create content on all of them and post and influence people enough to buy what I’m selling, WHY NOT?”

Influences have mastered the art of making their lives seem glamorous, but this is because it comes with the territory of living a life that people would want to emulate. However, not all that glitters is gold and so many influences have spoken up about how what they portray on social media and reality are vastly different. Charles sheds some light on this. He explains, “Let me break this table once and for all. It Isn’t O!!!!!!!! A lot goes on behind the scenes that I cannot spill, but please don’t be deceived. I always tell people that social media is a marketplace where people sell the best versions of themselves, and sometimes it’s fictional versions of themselves, so be wise”

Charles gets most of his influencer gigs through a PR and communications firm with which he has an agreement. He also gets them through referrals and Instagram direct messages. In terms of the brands he can work with, he is not open to working with all brands. He always conducts due diligence before onboarding a brand. He is also quite picky, and one of his tannates is affordability. “If it’s too expensive, it’s not for me or my followers.” He doesn’t care what it is or how much the brand offers to pay him.

Charles is one content creator that is consistently coming up with something fresh for his audience. And we’re sure a lot of potential content creators, especially in the entertainment space, would love to know how he generates content ideas. Speaking on this, he says, “There is no one way to generate ideas for content. They can come at any time. I was walking with friends in their estate one day when one of them kept stopping to greet one or the other, and I had a lightbulb moment. I was like, “Omo see content o” and I shot something about that. So, content ideas can come at any time to me. I just keep an open mind, plus I’m naturally observant by nature, so that helps too.”

Charles has done several collaborations and has featured some popular celebrities in his comedy skits. So, for the benefit of those who would like to know how to get these kinds of collaborations, we asked him how he goes about doing them. In a bout of laughter, probably already expecting the question, he says, “I knew this question would come up, lol.” 

I think because I have worked both on TV and still work on radio, you can say I capitalise on already formed relationships, but I’ll be 100 with y’all, I also shoot shots in the DM. What’s the worst that will happen? You will either read and ignore or say NO! I won’t die, so basically, that’s how I get those I collaborate with.

We are certain that we speak for a lot of his fans when we say Charles has a keen eye for fashion and we need more fashion-related content from him. We asked when he would oblige us and he responded, “Well! I have gotten this question a lot, which is the reason I opened @thefashionscorecard on Instagram, where we critically analyse fashion from stars with a dash of sarcasm. But outside of that, I got approached to run a visual podcast for it, so we are still in talks about that. But yeah, soon content will drop concerning the fashion side of things for me.” 

Lastly, Charles Born shared some advice for potential content creators and influencers. “Just do your thing, go with the flow. Do it afraid. Do it and fail. At least you know one way not to do it next time and it’s better than wishing you had done it.”


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