I attended a virtual baby dedication recently. It was a strange, mechanical affair. The usual background piano sound that we are accustomed to in church ceremonies was completely missing.

It was unnaturally quiet and the baby chose that very moment to fill in the awkward silence with a couple of choice screams.

The pastor hurried through the ceremony like he didn’t want to be there, a reflection of how a lot of us felt.

The truth is, in spite of how long we have had to tweak and retweak them, virtual ceremonies are just hard to get accustomed to.

The reason why I explained my ordeal at the baby dedication was to help you understand what nightmare you are in for at this year’s array of end-of-year ceremonies that are coming your way.

Have you considered the fact that the usual New Year parties that help light up the last few hours of the outgoing year will be held online? So, at the top of the hour, you will be expected to holler ‘happy new year’ into digital screens and not into each other’s faces like we have become used to.

Then, there’s the mandatory Christmas carol night that you would have to endure virtually, struggling to watch the nativity drama through a phone screen.

I don’t envy you.

And as if that’s not enough, the usual Christmas parties, complete with the legendary Jollof rice and chicken combo, will not be making its usual appearance this year. A truly sad outcome.

The consolation we have is that this would most likely be the only Christmas that we would have to engage virtually, because the covid-19 vaccine is already being tested across the world.

What that means is that our virtual days are slowly incoming to an end.

So, as you go through these last days of virtual madness, try to take it all in stride and not lose yourself in all the screen engagements. 

Smile through it, better days are coming.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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