Of all the phases of human existence, the period that succeeds childhood and precedes adulthood remains pivotal in explaining even the most intricate of occurrences in life. It is a time when most of life’s direction is chosen, a period that generally provides the ultimate definition of living. A time with such an all-important attribute deserves a kind of caring that will foster the due utilization of its provisions. This informs the idea that the youth is the foundation upon which progress stands. All the same, the youthful stage presents a plethora of choices, abundance of temptations and a whole lot of destructive tendencies, to this end, a separation of success and failure makes itself for he that survives and he that drowns respectively.

Bearing these in mind, it is pertinent to add at this point, that both the survival and drowning at this phase of life is resident on a singular tool which all humans possess, the mind. It is the seat of all wisdom, the centre of all reasoning, the root of all thoughts and the origin of every action. Little wonder why James Allen insisted that “they themselves are makers of themselves”, making it explicitly known that we are but reflections of our thoughts. This is the reason every young person must strive to ‘think right’ ; can we replace our thoughts of making quick money with the ideals of hardwork and due process?, can we think more of ways of becoming civil in character?, can we understand that versatility is the beauty of scholarship?, these among others require our attention while we are still young.

Youth is strength, it is a singular characteristic which must be channelled appropriately; when an individual is young, his physical potency is wondrous and is as much, a great asset. It pains the heart and hurts the soul to see the misuse of this asset. The strength of the youth is designed to help in actualizing the good thoughts of the mind. When the young and fresh mind produces an idea, the absence of strength nips it in the bud. Therefore, the conservation and appropriate usage of the youthful Strength proves a necessity. When right thoughts are in place, right actions are taken, as right actions are taken, reactions of bliss and of greatness is bound to be replete in our lives.

In conclusion, as we choose befitting hair styles, colours of clothing and the biggest storage capacity of phones, let’s filter the thoughts that enter our minds to the limit of the ones that are needful in becoming great, always remember the wisdom of Buddha, “what we think, we become”.



This article was written by Egbo Emmanuel Ifeanyi; connect with him on IG here


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