Lyricism and songwriting are the most outstanding qualities ever shown by musicians but there are still hideous and erroneous feats made by the so-called musicians in songs. You would wonder if those songs were properly vetted by mixers and A&R executives before they passed on to marketing and licensing departments of record labels. Independent and upcoming musicians making these blunders in lyrics is forgivable but when superstars make these errors, we should stripe them off charts, awards and achievements especially if there is an expectation behind the brand. Recently, we have seen trolls on the rise about how superstar musicians have messed up a good song just because they were not apt in their lyricism. In rare cases, flops are allowed in lyricism if the song is unfinished or a comedic type. 

  • Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is still one of the best female hip/hop breakouts in the history of music. At a young age, the female rapper struck relationships with the best songwriters and producers in music especially Timbaland but that did not stop her from embarrassing herself on ‘Work it’ as she shrieked these lyrics confidently: “Take my thong off and my ass go boom!”. This is definitely an incoming tsunami. 

  • Naira Marley 

The Nigerian Popstar had a great year in 2019 but in that same year he made lines which found their way into the Nigerian pop culture notably one that music lovers can remember from “Soapy”:

“Inside life, go to the five 5 alive.” It is forgiven as the song became a nationwide hit even with the controversy surrounding the singer. 

  • Coldplay

“Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones.” Did Coldplay ask fans to ignite their bones? Did the lead singer tell fans that the lights will lead them home after a show? So many things must be going through your mind also. But “fix you” is a hit nonetheless. 

  • R.Kelly

Music lovers have cancelled Robert and we are here to remind you about one of his lyrics we can never forget – this same line brought traces about his sexual crimes from “You remind me of something” and here it is: “Girl you look just like my car, I wanna wax it.” How on earth did a girl end up looking like a car? Was she made in Vietnam? 

  • Davido

Davido’s attempt to flow in rhythmic pattern in revival single “If” failed and we are still shocked that none of those people in the studio failed to correct this line: “My number one itutu sipping burukutu”. David’s lover must be a drunkard.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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