In the history of comic books, Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes. Since its debut in 1939, the nocturnal masked crusader has had a revolutionary impact on pop culture. It has inspired a plethora of critically acclaimed video games, TV shows, movies and animations. An example is the success of The Batman movie, grossing over $700 million as the epitome of the franchise’s triumph. Batman sure has his appeals. With physical strength, eidetic memory, high IQ, and vast resources. You may not know that his weaknesses have an uncanny similarity to your lifestyle. Shocked? Don’t be! Just journey through the explanations below. 


It’s no news that Bruce Wayne was a grief-stricken individual whose crime-fighting life was shaped by a robbery event that led to the death of his parents. In that light, you may probably have suffered a harrowing experience at a young age, shaping your persona.


Batman’s fundamental principle is that all life is precious; villains always take advantage of this flaw. Flexibility in decision making is crucial in life. Rigid beliefs may harm you in the long run. A parochial mindset is characterized by a lack of empathy originating from the inability to respect another person’s opinion.


Batman is quite the mighty superhero, but he’s not invincible. Nothing lasts forever. You are susceptible to injuries and diseases. Eventually, you will die someday, except you have a Lazarus pit installed in your home.


Batman is renowned for rescuing people and sacrificing himself for the benefit of others. He is always prepared to protect his friends no matter how dire the situation. Being nice should have its limits; otherwise, you face ceaseless exploitation. You may also be a victim of several toxic relationships, not necessarily romantic types. Some people just don’t know to cut-off unhealthy friendships, perhaps for fear of being alone.


Batman is almost useless as a superhero without his gadgets. The importance of technology cannot be overemphasized, but that doesn’t mean you should over depend on electronic devices. Tech addiction exists; you can learn to disengage from smartphones to do basic things such as interacting with people, reading a book and exploring the world. 

We all possess many relatable features of Batman but perhaps, excluding the most desired trait being the billion Dollar fortune inheritance.

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