When I wrote about the fashion trends to expect in 2022 back in January, one of the trends I mentioned was luminous silhouettes. Well, I’m happy to report that this trend has gone mainstream. The exaggerated sleeves are the specific part of this trend that everyone is currently buying into. When it comes to big puffy exaggerated sleeves, no outfit is left out, from tops to dresses to jumpsuits. Our very own Asoebi is not exempt from this. And you can even wear it to the office if you play your cards right. Not just restricted to bell sleeves, this season’s flared sleeves are bigger, better, and, dare we say, more exaggerated than ever.

The drama is currently in the sleeves. An exaggerated sleeve is a good way to make an outfit stand out without looking like you’re trying too hard. Exaggerated sleeves are a fun, cute, and classy way to tap into the voluminous silhouette trend. The great part about it, as I’ve mentioned, is that you can put an exaggerated sleeve or a puffy sleeve on any kind of outfit. It looks good on everyone! I am here to see someone who didn’t look good on an exaggerated sleeve. Except for the few cases of “what I ordered versus what I thought.” I’m sure we all know by now that if you want to re-create an intricate style, give it to a very good tailor or fashion designer and not these carpenters masquerading as fashion designers.

Our favourite celebrities have been making statements in the exaggerated sleeves trend, from their street style to weddings and even the just concluded AMVCA. Recently every time I’m scrolling through my timeline I spot an exaggerated sleeve. I am almost certain that most of us ladies have one or two pictures of an exaggerated sleeve style saved on Instagram that we would like to recreate. I also have a couple saved, and I’m going to share some of my favourites with you.

For more exaggerated sleeve inspiration, click here.

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