When you hear the word Generation-Z, what readily knocks on the door of your mind? Let me help you out. Social media, technology, party, internet, fashion, and slangs such as fam, stan, no cap, TBH, WBU just to mention a few.

These Gen-Z’s have been widely argued to be youths who were born from 1995 or 1996. In an epoch where the world has gone digital, it has become expedient for all to be in sync with this development. While some aged have argued about the laxity of this group due to the heavy influx of neoteric technology, a large chunk of persons have praised this development that is almost pervasive like the blue sky.

I was opportune to speak with some teenagers about how imperative it is for them to vote, of course when they clock eighteen year-old. The reactions of more than half of the class was apathetic. Our votes do not count. The government already knows who will emerge the winner. Why would I waste my time with such an exercise? I deduced that these ones would rather invest their energy in other things, other than the future of their state. They were already caught in the webs of nonchalance.

The trials of being among the Gen-Z is one that is tantamount to passing through the sinister cold without clothes. Peer pressure has knifed itself through them. Drugs have become the new cool. The culture of copy-copy is standing tall as a waving flag. The negative influence of social media is another tradition that has rested at the nook and cranny of their existence.

The inadvertent effect of this has caused covetousness among these ones. Don’t even get me started on the secondary school boys and the avarice for wealth. Do you blame them? They are obviously following the trend of the immoral millennial who have set this trail.

I mean, come to think of it, there are so many things that magnet their minds to engage in this act. Too bad it is when a life is lost that the miscreants are caught.

It is high time we educate these ones on the good side of being a member of the Gen-Z. The internet is a place of learning and growing and connecting to create a better world. Many Gen-Z’s are doing so well for themselves in a vast array and different spheres of life.

To the ones who are yet to find their footing, tell them you understand the distraction and trials of trying to feel among. Most importantly, be the good millennial you want the Gen-Z to be.

This article was written bOyedotun Damilola; connect with him on Instagram via here 

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