Since 2018, podcasts and podcasting have grown to become a sort of means of getting informed. Podcasts are grouped into different categories which range from history, health and fitness, relationships, music, religion and spirituality.

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken words devoid of any form of visual attraction for entertainment and education.

The rise of podcasts in Nigeria was initiated by the limiting nature of Nigerian radio and the need to elaborate on discussions on personal interests of the host, audience or both.

However, podcasting in Nigeria, is seen as a fashionable job title, the next best option for unemployed people. Notwithstanding, many young people in Nigeria have created podcasts on different categories, airing their views, building an audience and acquiring social recognition. Several podcasts have taken the trend; The Big Crusade, I Said What I Said, The Simple Creative, Story of the Gods, Life of a Testimony, Loose Talk, How Far, Voice of Change, So Nigerian, From Lagos with Love, among others.

Due to the unpopularity of podcasts in Nigeria, most podcast hosts struggle with overcoming the inexperience associated with starting a podcast. There is little or no audience to begin with. Young podcast hosts are often embarrassed to identify as one, because they are seen as unimportant by an average Nigerian society.

Tips to building an audience on a podcast platform include consistency and specificity. Young people are more often than not, interested in more than a thing at a time; governance, health, attitudinal orientation, religion. An average podcast host may find it difficult to settle for a niche, and stay faithful to uploading contents on that niche. Furthermore, to draw a plan, theme and related topics for a niche have been described as hectic by most content creators. It takes effort to find a synergy between ideas, that it always captivates the audience. Fresh content helps to keep people interested.

In Nigeria, monetization of podcast content is not very feasible as a major source of income. Podcasting is an alternative to other means of information dissemination and entertainment. It consumes a lot in terms of data connection. Majority of individuals  would prefer a cheaper media such as radio. A podcast host with little audience has the most challenge, because he earns based on how many times his show is listened to.

The value of podcasts cannot be undermined despite its unpopularity. Podcasts are of great help for self development. They are an intimate way of getting information.  It is a convenient, portable, time efficient and an easy way of consuming information. An individual can have access to things of interest anytime, anywhere. Listening to podcasts can also serve as a good leisure activity.

The best ways to support a podcaster in Nigeria involves listening to audio shows, subscribing to podcast channels, sponsoring, advert placement and sharing on social media platforms.

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