As a kid, have you ever wailed all through the night because Dad came home and switched to the sports channel to chill over soccer with some beer ruining your worthwhile episodes of SpongeBob, Super Mario, or even the Tom and Jerry Sequel? I have actually, countless times and just wished to have a magic wand to end the world of soccer. But, here I am today entrenched with my team, creating an argument about my favorite players and skipping dinner all to enjoy the adventures of soccer. That is soccer for you.

Despite the compelling number of field games out there, soccer has proven to be the most successful, pleasurable, and the most valued game that has created fantasies between players and audience. It has become a game that creates its team outside the field and beyond different geographical areas. It creates this pride that makes you proud of your team no matter how many times they lose. The pride of not changing the team because they have the highest winning chances. It brings out the loyalty from supporters through good and bad times, so whenever someone or other team troubles them the supporters get angry, just like most do for their teams. Even when the team becomes horrible in their performance season, the support grows stronger, and when they are the best, it is just a brag for the supporters. Though the humiliation of an opponent is unprofessional in sports, the pride of the supporters says otherwise.

Soccer has become the most lucrative field game that supporters find it more pleasurable to get entertained from public gatherings to heat the argument during the players’ strikes and shots rather than watch from home. It has even created business ventures in some locality between electricity/power distribution companies and local viewing centers to interrupt supply during the period of the premier league, champions’ league, and other notable football seasonsso that spectators, audience, and supporters gather to empty their wallets in the public viewing centers for a reservation to get entertained, creating entrepreneurship from a scratch. Even playing the game within the neighborhood seems not bad. It requires no special setting, you can play with your boots or barefoot, with a team or just by juggling the ball around. You can play in the field, garden, or even on the beach measuring your goal post with your feet and setting them with a stone. Soccer has become one of the best habits I have developed, especially as a boy, it is more than just a passion, it is also a lifestyle.

This article was written by Williams Ekena; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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