The world has gone mad.

Hundreds of American citizens have ignored the threat of a global pandemic to flood the streets in demand for justice. It took the deaths of three people in a span of a few days, plus years of consistent injustice against African Amerito spark unrest of this magnitude.

Arnaud Arbery, George Floyd and Brianna, all cut short by a series of law enforcement mishaps that has sent shock waves all around the world.

As expected, the protest has birthed various forms of civil disobedience to include looting of local businesses and the arbitrary burning of police precincts. Historians and experts in social dissent have tried to tackle the question of whether the equivalent of ‘taking the knee’ would create any lasting change for a minority that has been oppressed for centuries.

The general consensus is that it might not create an overhaul of the institutional racism that has plagued America, but it might bring stakeholders to the table for a more serious conversation on why black people are mad.

Social media as expected is leading the charge with celebrities like Mariah Carey, Nick Canon, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift and others speaking out against the wave of killings and encouraging their followers to take a stand.

Today has been tagged  #BlackOutTuesday by the Music industry where Instagram posts have become tools of protest with people posting ‘blank, blacked out’ images and the aforementioned hash tag to show support.

Nigeria has also caught the protest fever with the recent rape and killing of Uwa, a 100 level student in Benin and the accidental killing of Tina by a stray bullet from no less than a police rifle.

Tiwa Savage in response to the madness kick-started the #WeAreTired hash tag a few days back that received massive support from Nigerians everywhere and has soon followed it up with an Instagram page for the ‘We Are Tired’ initiative. 

The truth is that no blank posts and clever hash tag, however strategic, can alter what years of disorder, corruption and racism has created but is the alternative of keeping silent not an indictment on our collective humanity?

Abraham Lincoln aptly put it in a famous quote when he said, ‘all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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