Just like every other league, the Premier League is not immune to record being set and broken. Over the last twenty-five years, great teams have sprung up at certain points in time. Right from the treble winning Manchester United team under Sir Alex Ferguson, to the invincible season by Arsenal, and then the record of the least goals conceded in a season under Jose Mourinho, and the centurions of Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. However, after losing the league title due to a slip from unarguably one of the club’s greatest players, and then closely losing out due to a point, Liverpool look set to win the league by breaking a number of records. The question however remains whether this Liverpool side is the greatest in the Premier league era. 

One of the arguments made for every team posited to be the greatest team in Premier League history is the fact that they either set or broke certain records. For example, Manchester United still remain the only English team to have won the treble; Arsenal still have the longest unbeaten run – 49 games; Chelsea majorly have enviable defensive records; while Manchester City have broken a whole lot of attacking records. This season though has seen Liverpool play a different brand of football compared to the other teams. Liverpool has found a way to adapt to every single opponent put in front of them, and making sure to not only score goals, but grind out results at the same time. It has been a season of late goals for the club, and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat – for example, Sadio Mane’s late goal against Aston Villa as well as Lallana’s winner which saw them preserve their unbeaten run. It has been a mixture of performances, but Liverpool have pulled through despite every challenge.

So far, Liverpool remain the only team to be at the top of the table at this point in time, with a 22-point gap. Also, it is also enviable to note that Liverpool went almost two and a half months, conceding just one goal in the Premier League within that period. They have also gone almost four years unbeaten at home, closing in on Chelsea record which stands at 86 games. In their sights, Liverpool could still break Manchester City’s records of 100 points in a season; Arsenal’s unbeaten run, in terms of total number of games and in a season; as well as total number of trophies won in a season.

A good mixture of a winning mentality and the will power to just never give up, even when their backs are against the wall makes this side a force to reckon with. The argument as to the greatest side will still go on for years to come, but this Liverpool team will definitely be in the conversation for breaking records and setting new records as well.

This article was written by Eribake Ayomide; connect with him on Instagram here  

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