I knew nothing about twitter until I got my first android phone in 2016, although it had been in existence for about ten years before this period. Frankly, it was not the most popular social media platform; there is Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat. But let’s take a quick jump into 2020. Although these apps still exist, the importance of some of them has dissolved as it concerns the generation Z. The platform Facebook, for example, has been largely abandoned for the older ones.

Although Instagram could be regarded to hold a significant position on the scale of importance, it has no place when you are considering the level of connection and engagement that is erupted compared to twitter.

Before 2019, Snapchat had a higher probability of retaining importance among youth because it satisfied the basic need of teenagers. Direct connection with friends with zero likelihood of conversations being exposed to parents. At that time, you would have thought, “what could get better than this?”

Well, the answer is right in front of us today, Twitter. It is a platform that leverages the need to be interested in the most exciting discussions. An open forum that entertains desires to showcase growth, to celebrate, and to satisfy our attention-seeking tendencies, as well as natural communication, conversations are hardly ever forced on this platform. With the right tweet, you may spiral more than a thousand retweets and comments, a conversation of some sort. This particular reason can be held responsible for twitter’s wild recognition. 

On other platforms, communication is generally a one-on-one conversation that does not award the opportunity to entertain others’ opinions about a particular discussion. But twitter conversations are long and unrestricted; they are threads.

An endless opportunity to have open conversations, no parameters such as friend requests, with a handle, anyone can communicate. The openness of this platform is one that I am certain everyone is aware of, take, for instance, a recent scandal in society. A single tweet may have been posted concerning that topic, but its openness allows anyone to offer their 2 cents—no segregation, discrimination, or exhaustive procedures before involvement. Sure, if something is excessively viral, there would be some discussion on each platform, but nothing compares to Twitter. It has the most extensive conversation on any topic, and the entire discussion can be collectively accessed. The use of hashtags making it more accessible

Twitter is useful for allowing us to participate in relevant discussions, share pictures, and videos. Still, beyond this, it gives the responsibility to understand that there are things larger than us. From a tweet about your experiences, you can invoke companionship, familiarity, love, understanding, and belief in another.It is some kind of “owambe,where we all come to celebrate our successes, some to tattle, others to serve their dose of savage, and some others who have come to feed, to watch others do all of these things.

This article was written by Tinuadedayo Fatiregun; connect with her on Instagram via here  


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